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Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The blowdown pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client blowdown pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of blowdown pump model, blowdown, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is the knowledge about item of electric machinery of pump of explosion proof blowdown:

The issue that pump of explosion proof blowdown should consider above all is safe problem, so explosion proofBlowdown pumpCrucial to the choice of electric machinery. The kind that selects electromotor to place so should satisfy manufacturing machinery quite the requirement of each respects, if be procrastinated to use laden property, duty, rotate speed, starting character, apply the brake,ability of requirement, overload reachs timing character to wait; Answer to select the kind of electromotor by the principle with sound economy, mix like grade of type of voltaic sort, structure, voltage cooling method; The kind that selects electromotor at the same time is divided outside should satisfying the requirement that produces mechanical process, return the requirement that should satisfy power source, voltage of power supply circuitry maintains to stabilize when be like lesser to power supply capacity power source to should consider to start, and make the power factor of power source maintains in reasonable range; In addition place choosing electromotor still should stay appropriately equipment uses power, the laden rate of general use electromotor is 0.75~0.9 left and right sides. The structural type of electromotor and insulation grade should satisfy installation and the requirement of use environment, in order to make sure dynamoelectric function is quite long-term, reliable, move surely. Specific how should choose?
One, the choice of electromotor type
First consideration answers to use three-phase AC motor when the kind that selecting electromotor, because three-phase AC motor is otherer,type electromotor has more advantages. When the type of specific choice electromotor, still should consider carefully the following two kinds of circumstances.
1. does not want the laden machine of timing
To needing to have the laden and mechanical facility of timing, include successive, short when, the mechanical equipment of the duty such as periodic job, answer to use communication asynchronous motor as far as possible; If load is smooth and the runs continuously machinery that does not have special requirement with apply the brake to starting, appropriate is preferential choose common basket model asynchronous electromotor. If the power of electromotor is greater and the power factor to increase power supply, can use three-phase to be the same as pace electromotor; If pure after because start difficult laden machinery to be since classics,eating fruit of ability check test and verify, what can use tall locked-rotor torsion is double basket model with deep chamfer basket model asynchronous electromotor. Voltage drop of circuitry of the power source when if press starting ability to examine,starting is too big, can use motor of asynchronous of the rotor that wind a string; The inflexible demand that brings periodic change load has bigger start and when torsion of apply the brake, right big in power is laden and Yan Yingxuan uses motor of asynchronous of the rotor that wind a string, can use to small-power load turn high electromotor of poor rate asynchronous; If certain periodic duty is mechanical, after using AC motor, be in temperature rise, start, the respect such as character of apply the brake cannot satisfy need, or the production that its delay those who use a system to overshoot Cheng has special demand too is mechanical, use dc motive aptly.
2. needs the machine of timing
The successive, flowing level that needs the machinery of timing to should inspect timing scope and requirement speed to adjust will choose electromotor. To asking the small-power of a few kinds of rotate speed is laden only mechanical, what can use pole changing control is much fast (double fast, 3 fast, 4 fast) basket model asynchronous electromotor; Demand of smooth to timing pitch is not high and the load with not big speed ratio is mechanical, appropriate uses electromotor of the rotor that wind a string or electromagnetism timing motor; If timing scope is in 3 above of 1 ∶ and the load that needs to stabilize flowing timing continuously is mechanical, appropriate uses dc motive or frequency control motor. Start torsion to produce machine lowly with physical characteristic hardness greatly when need, appropriate chooses dc to string together encourage electromotor; Certain requirement is adjusted than not quite (1 ∶ 2 the left and right sides) high-power load is mechanical, also can use contain string extremely the electromotor of asynchronous of the rotor that wind a string of timing device, return the economic norms that can make electric energy passes on electrified wire netting and be able to raise its to move partly so.
2, the choice of electromotor structure type
The structural type of electromotor namely its are concerned fixed extend those who wait for electric machinery to make a case with plant of component part, bearing and axis, and the structural type of electromotor basically is mixed by installation type defend two parts form type.
1. installs the choice of type
The installation type of electromotor is to use axes direction and the installation case that secure the situation that uses component part to convey electromotor in the round. The code name that installs type expresses with IM, be like: IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, IMV1, IMV10.
2. defends the choice of type
To prevent electromotor by all round undesirable medium damages or because of its the breakdown of itself causes disaster, must choose electromotor to defend appropriately so according to different environment type. General, electromotor defends type cent is open commonly type, protection, enclosed wait for a variety of type with protected against explosion, show brief introduction to be as follows:
Appearance of open type electromotor has very big intake, its come loose hot condition good, with makings province cost is inferior. But defect is hydrosphere, dirt it is sundry and easy to wait invade electromotor interior, can use at only consequently dry the working environment with cleanness.
Design of protection electromotor intake is gadarene and have defend net cloak, its are ventilated and cooling the condition is better. This kinds defend the electromotor of type is general but protected against dropping water, prevent rain, prevent splash, and prevent the outside sundry fall into electromotor interior, but cannot prevent humidity and dirt invade, accordingly it applies to dirt quite relatively not much, dry, without caustic place.
Enclosed normally cent is electromotor from fan cold pattern, force ventilated type and airtight type 3 kinds. From fan Leng Shihe forces ventilated type the electromotor of two kinds of type, the water that can prevent to splatter with any direction and other and sundry invade, and humidity is mixed dirt enter electromotor interior not easily also, apply to so damp, dirt suffers harships more, easily to invade alone, all sorts of places that leave on fire calamity, mordant gas easily. Airtight type electromotor uses the laden machine that works in the liquid such as water or oil commonly. Dive for instance electromotor or go oily electromotor. Because this kind of electromotor all asks to workmanship, use material taller, its price should connect motor than general expensive.
In addition, defend Lv of take an examination returns when type in what choose electromotor: If be in wet intertropical area to use, should choose TH wet tropics to use motor, if use common model electromotor should be adopted proper moistureproof, mouldproof measure; Use in dry intertropical area, should choose TA dry tropics to use motor; Unplug in Gao Hai the area is used, should choose highland electromotor; Use on shipping and naval ships, should use as far as possible have special structure and defend of the requirement marine or naval vessel uses motor; If be in air often the place of mordant gas is used, should choose chemical industry as far as possible anticorrosive model electromotor or conduit ventilated motor (in order to introduce clean cooling air) . Also can strengthening ventilated to the place below the case that defends with electromotor, go using enclosed or protection electromotor.
3, the choice of electromotor voltage
The choice of electromotor voltage basically is opposite by power system the power supply voltage of the enterprise will decide, and it is returned have close relationship with the power volume of electromotor. Tall voltage can make sure high-power electric machinery has lesser electric current and inferior calorific amount, but tall tension is gotten high also at the same time to insulation strength demand much.
4, the choice of electromotor rotate speed
The demand that rated rotate speed is basis production machinery comes electromotor of make choice of. In the transmission specific value that decides electromotor must consider mechanical decelerate orgnaization when rated rotate speed, both and mutual cooperate and compare ability of course technology and economy to decide in the round.
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