Case study of attaint of blowdown pump bearing

2023-10-12 08:36:43

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The blowdown pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client blowdown pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of blowdown pump model, blowdown, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is the knowledge about case study of attaint of blowdown pump bearing:

Bearing is a of blowdown pump main component, of bearing durable decidedBlowdown pumplife. So the bearing with choose good is crucial, of course the injury of bearing matters with the element of each respect, the main reason that causes bearing loss falls to reach with respect to the analysis below settle way.
1, scathing item: Bearing is in bear when load rotates, the raceway face of inner ring, outer lane or scroll are creditable present piscine imbricate as a result of scroll exhaustion to come off phenomenon.
Reason: Decorticate lubricant is improper. The eyewinker entered lubricant inside. Lubricant is undesirable create the appearance coarse. The surface of pair roll spare parts is bright and clean degree bad. Measure: Choose lubricant, improve seal unit, the appearance that improves pair roll spare parts is bright and clean degree.
2, scathing item: Come off load passes big
Reason: Installation is undesirable ” blame linearity ” , eyewinker of pitching moment load is invaded, into water. Lubricant and undesirable, lubricant impropriety of windage of improper, bearing. Bearing box precision is bad, the tigidity of bearing box not all. Axial deflection rusts greatly, erode dot, abrade and impress. ” the surface is out of shape phenomenon ” the development that cause. The size that checks load and again the bearing that the institute uses.
Measure: Improvement installs a method, improvement seal unit, stop when machine antirust. The lubricant that uses proper viscosity, improvement method of lubrication. Check the precision of axis and bearing box. Check windage.
3, scathing item: Appear piece contain slight tatty dark side, go to by the surface on dark side in many come greatly the tiny break of 5-10mm, happen inside big range tiny fall off ” tiny come off “
Reason: Got hit when installation. Load is too big, decline etc use undesirable.
Measure: Improvement installs a method ” use shrinkage fitting, use appropriate tool to place ” . Correct load condition. Bearing installation reachs the designated position, make rib suffers bearing.
4, scathing item: Abrade, alleged abrade, be again raceway face and scroll face, the collect of the skids with oily film hot tearing arises tiny burn as scroll and the exterior loss that produce. Generation contains adhesion surface coarse. Crackle and break cross big interference.
Reason: Cross big load, pound load. Because raceway annulus arises with the contact that installs component part give out heat and small brace up wear away. What creep causes is calorific. The cone angle of awl axis is undesirable. Axial cylinder is spent undesirable. The round horn radius of axial step pours wine cup than bearing big and cause the interference that pours wine cup with bearing.
Measure: Interference is proper. Check load qualification. Improvement installs a method. Axial appearance wants proper.
5, scathing item: Alleged crackle is to show raceway annulus or crackle of scroll body generation are injured. If continue to use, what also will include crackle to develop is interstitial.
Reason: The scathing installation of cage is undesirable ” the blame linearity of bearing ” . Use undesirable. Pitching moment load is big. Concussion, vibration is big. Rotate speed is too big, add decelerate urgently. Lubricant and undesirable. Temperature rises.
Measure: The examination installs a method. Check load, rotate reach temperature condition. Reduce vibration. Correct the choice of cage. Change lubricant and method of lubrication. The injury of cage has cage be out of shape, fold caustic, wear away etc.
6, scathing item: Of column fold caustic. End is out of shape facially. Of sunken place area wear away. Of spigot surface wear away.
Reason: The eyewinker that wait bites impress metal powder. When assembling or the concussion load that gets in carriage process is too big. Pound axle sleeve.
Measure: Improve seal unit. Filter lube. Improvement is assembled reach use method.
7, scathing item: Bit metallic small powder, the eyewinker when, in the dent of the generation on raceway face or rotational face. Because when waiting, installation is pounded, concave side was formed on the span interval of scroll body ” impress of hardness of cloth family name ” .
Reason: The eyewinker is invaded, the development that rusty report corrode causes. Lubricant and undesirable. Cause as a result of the irregular motion of scroll body skid.
Measure: Improve seal unit. Clean bearing box. Filter adequately lube. Check lubricant and method of lubrication. Prevent to be not linearity.
8, scathing item: Wear away, alleged wearing away is create raceway face or scroll area as a result of attrition, roller end panel, the concave side of axial annulus face and cage wear away.
Reason: The eyewinker appears to be bitten in Cheng of glide of embellish of drop of pear skin condition. As a result of air medium water is divided and the knot is shown. Lubricant and undesirable.
Measure: Improve seal unit. Filter adequately lube. Use appropriate lubricant.
9, scathing item: Pear skin condition is nodded, the condition of skin of dark lubricious pear of the weak burnish that arises on raceway face nods corrode.
Reason: Lubricant and undesirable. Of small amplitude sway motion. Interference is insufficient.
Measure: Use proper lubricant. Add press beforehand. Check interference. To cooperate lubricant of the besmear on the face.
10, scathing item: Rupture, alleged rupturing is to because be opposite,point to the local share of the rib of raceway annulus or roller horn brings to bear on to pound or cross big load and one fraction ruptures.
Reason: Too too big load, big press beforehand. Lubricant and undesirable. The eyewinker is bitten. Of inner ring outer lane tilt, axial deflection. The precision of box of axis, bearing is undesirable.
Measure: Check the size of load. Press beforehand should proper. Improve lubricant and method of lubrication. Check the precision of box of axis, bearing.
11, scathing item: Card injury, because sliding,alleged card injury is of generation tiny burn collect of the part and the exterior injury of generation. Slideway face, scroll face is circumferential of direction linear bruise. The cycloidal shape bruise of roller end panel stands by the card of the axial annulus face of roller end panel to hurt
Reason: High speed light load, add decelerate urgently, lubricant impropriety. Of water invade improvement to be pressed beforehand
Measure: Improve bearing windage, use the lubricant with oily film good sex, improve method of lubrication, improve seal unit.
12, scathing item: Small brace up wear away, because relapse relatively between two interface tiny and slip and of generation wear away to arise on the osculatory part of raceway face and scroll body. Because happen rufous wear away with black pulverous, also say consequently small brace up erosion-corrosion.
Reason: In carriage process medium bearing is in stop the vibration when turning and swing. Amplitude swings smally motion. Lubricant and undesirable. Countershaft and bearing box are bitten to try to secure in carriage process.
Measure: When carrying, want to be packed apart to inner ring and outer lane. Add press beforehand reduce vibration. Use proper lubricant.
13, scathing item: Impress of family name of false sex cloth, be in small brace up during, mix in scroll body the contact of raceway annulus is mixed as a result of vibration partly cause joltily wear away to develop somewhat, produce the moulage of impress of similar cloth family name.
Reason: Voltage of the ground between outer lane and inner ring.
14, scathing item: Creep, alleged creep is to point to in bearing when cooperating gap of the generation on the face, cooperating happen relatively between the face slip, produce creep cooperate a face to present brightness of face giving looking glass or dark side, contain calorie of injury to wear away sometimes generation.
Reason: Lubricant and undesirable. Create hot appearance with the report of lubricant oiled. Temperature rises big.
Measure: Improve method of lubrication.
15, scathing item: Become angry, because temperature rises,wait with lubricant reaction, raceway annulus and scroll body and cage become angry.
Reason: Lubricant and undesirable. Too big load ” had pressed beforehand big ” . Rotate speed is too big. Windage is too small. Of water, eyewinker invade. The precision of box of axis, bearing the deflection of undesirable, axis is big.
Measure: Study lubricant and method of lubrication. Correct the choice of bearing. Research cooperates, bearing clearance and press beforehand. Improve seal unit. Check the precision of axis and bearing box. Improvement installs a method.
16, scathing item: Burn, till become angry,body of raceway annulus, scroll and cage give out heat quickly in rotate, apply of bate, frit and damaged.
Reason: Water, caustic material ” lacquer, gas etc ” invade. Lubricant is improper. As a result of the coagulation of vapor with water. Stop when high temperature is much wetter turn. In carriage process antirust and undesirable. Custodial condition is improper. Use improper. Improve seal unit.
Measure: Study method of lubrication. Park the antirust step when turning. Improve custodial method. When using, should try to notice.
17, scathing item: Rusty, corrode, of bearing rust and corrode the hole state that has face of body of raceway annulus, scroll comprehensive and rust, rusty reach corrode.
Reason: The installation, inner ring when disassembling, outer lane tilts the installation, concussion load when disassembling.
Measure: Use appropriate tool, use punch and prevented to pound load. When installation mutual the centering between.
18, scathing item: Electric corrode, alleged report corrode is the bearing that shows electric current turns in the loop when the contact of raceway annulus and scroll body flows partly, through thin thin lube film sparks, its surface appears local ground melt and concave and convex phenomenon.
Reason: Interference inadequacy or clearance fit. Cover close firm closely surely insufficient.
Measure: Check interference, carry out stop turn measure. Originally closely to be covered closely surely appropriately. Study the precision of axis and bearing box. Axial is pressed beforehand. Raceway annulus flank originallies closely. Stick receive coordinate a side. To cooperate besmear lubricant.
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