Characteristic of pump of conduit type blowdown and safeguard with maintain

2023-09-27 11:36:26

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the blowdown pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need blowdown pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of blowdown pump model, blowdown, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is reach about characteristic of pump of conduit type blowdown safeguard with the knowledge that maintain:

Pump of conduit type blowdown is to secure installation to be on conduit, to build construction, farm irrigation and drainage, enterprise or business the sewage in working procedure, pump and platoon send, divide applicable outside carrying foul water, still apply to make pump of scanty water pump, pulp, irrigate with etc, also can use at clear water and belt weak caustic medium. Issue characteristic of pump of conduit type blowdown and method of care and maintenance to everybody introduction now.
One, characteristic of product of pump of conduit type blowdown
1, straight couplet of pump and electric machinery is coaxial, belong to Electromechanical unifinication product, the structure is compact, performance is steady.
2, big flow path is fought jam hydraulic component design, increase contamination carrying capacity greatly, the material of 5 times fiber that can carry pump line of action effectively and diameter make an appointment with the solid grain of 50% for pump caliber.
3, the design is reasonable, electric machinery of form a complete set is reasonable, efficiency is tall, noise is low, energy-saving effect is distinct.
4, mechanical and sealed use tungsten of horniness wear-resisting carbonization, have the characteristic such as durable, wear-resisting, can make pump safety runs above 8000 hours continuously.
5, pump is vertical structure, line of center of imports and exports is in same horizontal on, and norms of flange of imports and exports is identical, installation disassembles very convenient.
6, cover an area of an area small, need not construct a computer room, can save cost of many capital construction; Shield is added in end of blade of electric machinery wind, overall but park the job outdoor.
2, conduit typeBlowdown pumpsafeguard and maintain
(Pipeline of pump of 1) examination blowdown and combinative department have without shake a phenomenon. With pump of hand roll blowdown, try see blowdown pump agile.
(2) to bearing bearing is joined inside body lubricant engine oil, observe oil level should be in the central line place of oily mark, lube should change in time or complement.
(3) twists a place of strategic importance of snail of pilot a ship into a harbour of next blowdown pump pump housing, perfusion pilot a ship into a harbour (or the) that make a starch. Suck blowdown pump oneself.
(The brake a powerful person that 4) has involved to give conduit way and outlet pressure watch reach entrance vacuum meter.
(5) dot uses electric machinery, try see electric machinery change direction correct.
(6) actuate electric machinery, after blowdown pump runs normally, after opening outlet pressure watch and entrance vavuum pump to inspect its to show proper pressure, open brake valve gradually, examine case of electric machinery bear at the same time.
(7) controls the discharge of blowdown pump and lift to be in on sign inside the limits that make clear as far as possible, in order to make sure blowdown pump leads bit of movement in Zui, ability achieves bigger energy-saving result.
(8) blowdown pump is in moving process, bearing temperature cannot exceed environmental temperature 35C, higher temperature must not exceed 80C.
(If 9) discovers blowdown pump has unusual sound to should jockey instantly examine a reason.
(When 10) blowdown pump wants disuse, close watch of brake a powerful person, pressure first, stop electric machinery next.
(11) conduit typeBlowdown pumpWorking inside first month, change via 100 hours lube, later every 500 hours, oil change.
(12) often adjusts filling gland, the drop leakage circumstance that makes sure filling is indoor is normal (in order to become a leakage advisable) .
(13) inspects the wear out condition of axle sleeve regularly, wear away bigger hind should change in time.
(14) blowdown pump is used in cold winter festival when, after jockeying, need to turn on the water pump housing bottom to turn on of snail a place of strategic importance puts medium clean. Prevent aspic to crack.
(15) blowdown pump is long-term out of service, need to ravel pump entirely, wipe moisture, will rotational place and combinative department besmear had been installed with grease.
Thank you to be mixed to the visit of above content very much read! This information is reach about characteristic of pump of conduit type blowdown safeguard introduce with what maintain, if you still want to have farther knowledge to this problem, or want to buy this relevant product, contact personnel of my company customer service directly please, my company returns production to suck pump oneself, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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