Conduit pump bearing disassembles methodological introduction

2023-10-13 08:53:19

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The conduit pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client conduit pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is disassemble about conduit pump bearing the knowledge of methodological introduction:

Conduit pumpmovement is used in, bearing is necessary transmission machinery, after bearing is moving for long, hard to avoid can have safeguard or the demand that attaint changes. Bearing may happen to wear away certainly extremely in use evening, if disassemble,fall in this kind of circumstance the method is undeserved, outside force brings to bear on unreasonable, bring about bearing extremely possibly broken bring about metallic shiver to splatter bring risk. Intense proposal disassembles in bearing one is added to defend when the operation blanket keep out in order to ensure safety in operation.
One, cylindrical axis
Correct bearing disassembles use from what do not open a tool. To the bearing of small size, groovy tool is drawing implement. Drawing implement cent mixes two kinds of 3 claw for two claw, have the branch of whorl and hydraulic pressure. Whorl drawing implement it is more traditional tool, its are operated is the central aperture that aims central screw the axis, in central aperture daub of the axis a few grease lubricate, will tick off claw to hook the end panel in bearing inner ring, turn round central lever to be able to pull out bearing with spanner. Hydraulic pressure drawing implement used hydraulic pressure device to replace whorl, the among piston when pressurization is extended ceaselessly, bearing is met ceaseless be pulled, the whorl drawing that compares a tradition implement more fast and hydraulic pressure device can be answered quickly retreat.
When bearing dimension is increased, disassemble the power that bearing place needs also increases subsequently, general drawing implement cannot applicable, need designs special tool to undertake disassembling. Can have overcome according to bearing be filled with the installation force that cooperates to need to come beforehand appraise disassembles needs lesser power, arrive when disassembled muscularity cannot demolish with common method, and groovy method arises disassemble force damages probably when bearing, general meeting designs an oily hole in axial extreme, oily Kong Yan extends bearing position again radial be well versed in arrives axial surface, add an annular chamfer, when disassemble use hydraulic pump carries pressurization to make inner ring expands from the axis, decrease disassemble force. Pass when bearing dimension big, when pure good drawing form cannot have undertaken disassembling, use with respect to need heat disassemble law. Need prepares complete tool before the operation, for example jack, height gauge, spreader is waited a moment. Heat disassembled operation method is direct will heat on the raceway that twines coil to inner ring make its expand, make bearing very relaxed tear open debus to come. The columnar bearing with dissociable roller is applicable also and identical heat law. This method is OK scatheless disassembles bearing.
2, conic axis
As a result of the inner ring of conic bearing the area of two end panel differs significantly, heat to the big end panel of bearing inner ring normally undertake disassembling. Use flexible heater of induction of coil intermediate frequency, through heating quickly bearing inner ring makes its and axis produce enough difference in temperature, tear open bearing inner ring debus to come thereby. Because conic bearing is used in couples, after tearing open next inner ring, another inner ring can be exposed necessarily heat. If the configuration of bearing inner ring is in the position that cannot heat in main aspects face, need to destroy cage, get off roller, make inner ring noumenon is exposed come out, roll coil park to heat on the road directly. If bearing needs to be used again after disassemble, the active force that when disassembling, brings to bear on can not pass scroll body to deliver absolutely. To detached type bearing, the bearing ferrule that is together with component of scroll body cage is OK disassemble apart with another bearing ferrule. And disassemble blame depart when bearing, should first the bearing ferrule debus with clearance fit, had disassembled be filled with assorted bearing, need basis its, type, dimension and cooperate means, use different tool.
1, cold disassemble
Discharge is more small-sized when bearing, can pass appropriate drift, the flank of ferrule of bearing of light light knock with getting on its from the axis debus, much better method is use machinery drawing implement. Pull catch should action at inner ring or photograph adjacent component. If axial shoulder is mixed bearing aperture shoulder obligate can accommodate drawing implement pull the groove that catch, can simplify disassemble process. In addition, aperture of a few whorl is machined in the position of aperture shoulder, facilitating bolt gives bearing tip. Large and medium-sized what the power that bearing place needs wants to be able to be offerred than mechanical tool normally is bigger. Accordingly, suggest use hydraulic pressure helps power tool or oiling law, or both use together. This means need to design aperture having oil and oil groove on the axis.
2, heat disassembles
Disassemble when the needle bearing or NU, NJ, inner ring with bearing of NUP columnar roller, suit to use heat to disassemble method. Two commonly used kinds heat tool: Heat annulus and adjustable type induction heater. Heat to annulus is installed with Yu An normally and disassemble as identical as its dimension medium or small the inner ring of bearing. Heat annulus is made by light alloy. Heat clitellum has radial to open slot, and provide electric insulation handle. If often disassemble the inner ring of different diameter, the proposal is used can debug inductive heater. These heater can heat quickly inner ring, and won’t make axial heated. Disassemble when the inner ring of large columnar roller bearing, can use a few special stationary induction heating apparatus.
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