Conduit pump machinery is sealed attaint case study

2023-09-25 11:12:32

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the conduit pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need conduit pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is about conduit pump machinery the knowledge of sealed attaint case study:

Mechanical and sealed material is qualitative when conduit pump type selecting must the liquid medium that can suit to carry, normally pump of clear water conduit leaves factory is Ding Qing balata machinery is sealed, hot water with stainless steel anti-corrosive model machinery of configuration fluorine balata is sealed, if caustic the machinery that chooses 4 fluorine material badlier to pledge is sealed, the breakdown with sealed and slack machinery is one of appears more easily breakdown in conduit pump, conduit pump machinery is so sealed what the key compares in also attributing conduit pump part is fragile one of.
One, water quality difference contains grain.
Because water quality is poor, content of salt of the hydrochloric acid in containing little grain and medium is high, form abrasive to wear awayConduit pumpMachine the phenomenon such as sealed plane or circular groove of groove of generation of the surface that pull an injury. Handle way: Improve hydraulic or medium, change machine.
2, cavitation erosion. Cavitation erosion basically arises at heating up conduit pump.
Because medium is hot water, water is warm exorbitant generation vapour, the gas inside conduit enters the altitude inside pump antrum, the gas of this part cannot eliminate, cause the carry that lack water to go thereby, machine dry grind invalidation, need to change machine.
3, be short of water to cause move dry wear away bad.
This phenomenon sees more handle negative pressure at the entrance, wirereinforced suction hose has air, gas is free inside pump antrum, after pump switchs on the mobile phone, machine when high speed moves, sealed friction produces high temperature, cannot get cooling, examination machine is sealed, bedspring tension is normal, attrition face scorchs nigrescent, balata hardens craze.
Processing method discharges the air inside conduit and pump antrum, change machine.
1. type selecting is incorrect (the machine that did not fit use condition according to using a requirement to choose is sealed, carry especially corrode liquid to use an environment) .
Check a method: Detailed knowledge is smoked send a liquid composition, temperature, caustic. Tear open pump examination, observation examines case of mechanical and sealed attaint.
Condition feature: The weather strip such as wave class canal is out of shape, degenerative or fused. Move, face of static annulus attrition may have wear a flower (use time to grow especially, time weak point can not have certainly wear a flower) .
Grain contains to check a method in 2. liquid: Understanding liquid circumstance (have without contain sundry silt) . Tear open pump examination, observation examines case of mechanical and sealed attaint.
Condition feature: Pump machine is sealed have inside antrum sundry, or silt or solder broken bits. Machine seal attaint (the liquid provides damage or face of the static annulus, attrition that move link wears away) .
Processing technique: Have inside pump antrum and annular seal space sundry, solder broken bits or silt, can cause machine seal attaint, must change machine.
4, installation is too close
Observe mechanical and sealed activity annulus is planar, if have,scorch badly phenomenon, planar and nigrescent with very deep trace, sealed balata hardens, lose flexibility.
Because installation is caused too closely,this kind of phenomenon is.
Handle way: Adjust installation height, after impeller is installed, move move spring with screwdriver, bedspring has more powerful pulling force, after loosening namely restoration, the shift that has 2-4mm is apart from can.
5, water of leakage of mechanical and sealed place
The likelihood is machine seal move, Jing Huanping face wears away and cause machine those who seal move, Jing Huanping face wears away.
6, installation is too loose.
Observation machine is sealed move, static annulus is planar, its surface has a very thin furring, can obliterate, the surface is not had basically wear away, this is bedspring loses flexibility to reach assemble undesirable cause, or change of electric machinery axial is moved cause.
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