Conduit pump machinery is sealed change method

2023-09-18 09:06:29

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The conduit pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client conduit pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is about conduit pump machinery sealed change methodological knowledge:

Mechanical and sealed the axis that is instrument of a kind of a favourable turn coming back encloses buy. For instance boiler of conduit pump, centrifugal, reaction is mixed the equipment such as compressor. Because transmission shaft is perforative in equipment inside and outside, such, a circumferential clearance exists between axis and equipment, the medium in equipment is divulged outwards through this clearance, if force of equipment internal pressure under atmosphere, criterion air to divulge inside equipment, because this must have,one prevents the axis that divulge to enclose buy.
Change the method with conduit pump sealed machinery:
1. holds left share first, install sealed board on.
2. installs the right side next that moves link, move annulus to want clean with the sealing surface of static annulus.
3. reload makes the same score key and impeller, superior spacer and nut. Serious examination wants to build up before installation measure of sealed spare parts is adequate, whether does each component have damage, move especially, static annulus has without touch injury, crackle and be out of shape wait for blemish. If have a problem, need to have repair or change new spare parts.
4. examinationConduit pumpOf axle sleeve or gland pour wine cup appropriate, if be not accorded with,the requirement must undertake nap.
5. machinery is sealed each component reachs what its concern to assemble interface, acetone must be used before installation or clean clean without watery wine essence. In installing a process, should keep clean, move especially, static annulus and auxiliary and sealed component should not have foreign matter, dirt. Move, a clean engine oil or turbine oil.
Close gland should search in shaft coupling on 6. junior travel. Bolt should go up equably close, prevent gland section deflective, the feet that use stuff or special tool check each a little bit, its error is not more than 0.05 millimeter.
Of 7. examination gland and axis or axle sleeve external diameter cooperate clearance (reach homocentric spend) , must assure all around even, with feet of a place of strategic importance the examination nods allow difference to not be more than 0.1 millimeter each.
8. bedspring compresses a quantity to want to undertake by the regulation, not the phenomenon with too big or too small be patient of, millimeter of requirement error <2.00, cross congress to increase section comparing to press, quicken section to wear away. Too small conference is caused be not worth than pressing and cannot have sealed effect, be in after bedspring mount bedspring inside should move agile. Come back with what spring should note when odd bedspring to, of bedspring come back to should the rotational way with the axis is opposite.
The beard after 9. conduit pump moves annulus to install maintains agile shift, will move annulus to be pressed to bedspring hind to should come back from move. Cover static annulus sealing ring first after static annulus back, reload enters end cover inside. The attention protects static annulus section, assure static annulus section and the verticality that carry lid center line, and of back of will static annulus prevent turn groovy alignment is prevented turn annul, but do not make be contacted each other among them.
Allow to knock sealed element directly with the tool anything but in 10. installation process, when need is beaten, must use special tool to undertake beating, in case all sealing ring when the attaint of sealed component is assembled should besmear wait for lubricant with suds, can avoid to assemble group of rubber of the attaint in the process so. Besmear between the sealing surface of activity annulus with grease, prevent activity annulus sealing surface to wear away before water pump drives.
When 11. floating ring is assembled, must not meet floating ring spring carefully, the float performance of floating ring is affected after lest bedspring is touched,falling. After floating ring is assembled, can press floating ring gently, whether to have good float performance in order to decide. Answer to take put down gently gently when installation is sealed, prevent attaint weather strip, answer when installation will sealed reach housing to be swabbed clean.
Machinery of 12. close solid tightens solid bolt to should get power equably when sealed gland, prevent to suffer force to all do not damage mechanical and sealed. Sealed to installing type machine quickly the scarcely after ending is assembled to want to forget in whole will locate mobile path is far from a radial axial position is fixed. The medium with because machinery is sealed sealed place is different, the temperature of cold water and hot water is different, whether is sealed medium had caustic, of force of antrum room internal pressure different, mechanical and sealed design can differ, overhaul craft also is met somewhat difference, the summary in process of mechanical and sealed overhaul gives a few experience: Mechanical and sealed want to assemble, sweep an examination to not forget. The spindle sees after seeing two link first, bruise crackle does not leak. Latter seeing rubber group, stomatic diameter should look clear. All sorts of dimension need to measure, two annulus clearance wants mix up. Close force must school nucleus, small bedspring is crucial. Bolt suffers force to want even, take light put away gently to be used to.
Conduit pump machinery is sealed it is rotational machinery noumenon is sealed one of more efficient way, the precision that its itself machines is taller, move especially, static annulus, if tear open outfit method improper or use undeserved, the machinery after assembling is sealed not only the purpose with sealed short of, and the sealed component that meeting attaint builds up.
Conduit pump machinery is sealed the note when disassembling:
1. is disassembling when machinery is sealed, forbidden employ hand hammer and flat shovel, lest harm sealed cell.
2. if in pump two end have when machinery is sealed, disassembling in the process must scrupulous, avoid have too many things to take care of at the same time.
The machinery that 3. crosses to the job is sealed, if gland becomes loose when the circumstance with sealing surface mobile happening, should change activity annulus spare parts, should not go up afresh close continue to use. After because be in,becoming loose, attrition contrail of deputy original movement can produce a change, the sealing of interface is destroyed very easily
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