Deputy impeller of blowdown pump installation and without overload technology

2023-10-04 10:47:00

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The blowdown pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client blowdown pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of blowdown pump model, blowdown, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is install deputy impeller and the knowledge that do not have overload technology about blowdown pump:

The advantage of blowdown pump need not say more, has used client believes everybody knows; Blowdown pump maintains time of convenient, successive movement with its installation long, structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, nonexistent cavitation destroys the problem such as the pilot a ship into a harbour that reach fill, oscillatory noise small, electric machinery temperature rise is small, wait for an advantage to environmental free from contamination, look at in person by the client. Apply extensively at the environment such as feed of shape of catchment of sewage, industrial waste water, construction site, fluid, build the effect with in waiting for all trades and professions, rising very main in municipal project, industry, hospital, building, restaurant, irrigation works especially. But the thing always is put in two sides sex, more crucial to blowdown pump question is dependability problem, because the use circumstance of blowdown pump is to be below fluid; Feeding medium is a few mixture liquids that contain solid stock; Pump and electric machinery lean very nearly; Pump is decorated for vertical, rotational component weight and impeller bear hydraulic force is the same as to. These problems make blowdown pump is decorated in carrying capacity of sealed, electric machinery, bearing reach choose the requirement that waits for a respect to want than general sewage pump tall.
So how effective extensionBlowdown pumpWhere is service life? We did not say the method of general convention first, the technology of our Hairui Zhonglian Pump can be mentioned from the back. Here says two blowdown pump can lengthen the method of blowdown pump life before leave factory.
Everybody knows to improve the life of blowdown pump, domestic and international now major manufacturer thinks way on the protection system of pump, can undertake calling the police automatically when the breakdown such as pump happening leak, overload, overheating namely, stop aircraft equipment automatically to repair. But we think, protection system is installed in blowdown pump very be necessary, it protects the safety of electric pump effectively to move. But the key that this is not a problem, protection system just is a kind of help after pump malfunctions, it is a kind of more passive method. The key of the problem should be act on a hand from the root, solve blowdown pump to wait for the problem of the respect in sealed, overload thoroughly, this ability is a kind of relatively active method.
So blowdown pump is in sealed with overload respect, what should we do?
The first, power of deputy impeller fluid is sealed technical application is so called power of deputy impeller fluid is sealed it is to show coaxial turns over direction to install impeller of a type near the reverse side of impeller back shroud in pump. When pump works, deputy impeller rotates together along with pump main shaft, the liquid in deputy impeller also can rotate together, rotational liquid can produce an outward centrifugal power, this centrifugal force withstands on one hand the liquid that flows to mechanical and sealed place, reduced the pressure of mechanical and sealed place. The solid grain in preventing medium on the other hand enters mechanical and sealed attrition deputy in, reduce machine sealed grind piece wear away, prolonged its service life. Deputy impeller besides having sealed effect, return the effect that can have to reduce axial force, in force of the axial in blowdown pump the gravitational place that basically is the force pressing difference that goes up in impeller by liquid action and whole and rotational part is comprised, the effect way of these two force is identical, join forces is become by two force addition. Can see, in performance data identical circumstance falls, the axial force of blowdown pump wants than general horizontal pump big, and it is difficult that balance difficulty wants than vertical pump. It is so in blowdown pump, bearing damages its reason also is with axial muscularity is having very big concern easily. And if installed deputy impeller, the direction that liquid action controls poor power on deputy impeller is as contrary as the join forces of afore-mentioned two force, so OK and quits force of one part axial, also rose to extend the action of bearing life. But use deputy impeller sealed system to also have a drawback, that goes up in deputy impeller namely should waste one part energy, be in commonly 3% the left and right sides, but as long as the design is reasonable, can reduce this share loss completely to inferior limit.
The 2nd, the designs a technology without overload application of blowdown pump is in general centrifugal pump, increase and power always increases as discharge, that is to say, power curve is the curve that the root increases along with discharge and rises, this brings an issue to the use meeting of pump: When pump is designing operating mode dot to move, generally speaking, the power of pump is less than electric machinery rated power, the use of this pump is safe; But when pump lift is reduced, discharge can increase (can see from the function curve of pump) , power also increases subsequently. When design operating mode to nod discharge more than when discharge and reaching fair value, the power input of pump may exceed electric machinery rated power and cause electric machinery overload and burn down. Movement of protection system of the or when electric machinery overload moves makes pump stops roll; Malfunction of or protection system makes electric machinery burn down. The lift of pump orders the case that lift uses under design operating mode, be in actual in also encounter via regular meeting, a kind of circumstance is to be when pump type selecting, the lift of pump is chosen exorbitantly, and the pump when be being used actually is to reduce lift to use; Another kind of circumstance is, the operating mode place of in use pump is not quite good affirmatory, in other words the discharge need of pump often undertakes modulatory; Still having a kind of case is pump needs to often change a place to use. These 3 kinds of circumstances person road may make pump overload and the utilization reliability that affects pump. Can so say, characteristic to doing not have total head pump (include blowdown pump) , its scope of application can get greatly limitation. So called total head is characteristic (also say not to have overload feature) it is to show the rate that power curve increases along with discharge and rises is very slow, idealer is to become when discharge increases some to be worth surely, power not only won’t rise again, can drop somewhat instead, that is to say power curve is a curve that has hump, if such word, we should choose electric machinery rated power to exceed the power value that hump nods slightly only, so arrive in 0 discharge inside the whole range of larger flow, no matter you move on dot of that one operating mode, the power of pump won’t exceed electric machinery power and make pump overload, to having the pump of this kind of function, when no matter be type selecting,still be being used, the metropolis is very convenient and reliable. Additionally electric machinery power also does not need to match too greatly, can save considerable facility cost.
So this asks we produce manufacturer to should guard a pass to had made this two fields before blowdown pump leaves factory, such blowdown pump are in in client hand when won’t affect the service life of blowdown pump consequently formerly because of these two.
Thank you to be mixed to the visit of above content very much read! This information is install deputy impeller and the introduction that do not have overload technology about blowdown pump, if you still want to have farther knowledge to this problem, or want to buy this relevant product, contact personnel of my company customer service directly please, my company returns production to suck pump oneself, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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