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2023-10-19 08:43:41

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The conduit pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client conduit pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is the knowledge that installs a requirement about design of conduit pump pipeline:

1. designs pressure
Do not have device of safe pressure releaseConduit pumpExport pipeline designs pressure, should take the following two greater values
1) normal and inspiratory pressure adds conduit pump of pump issue occasionally the forehead is 1.2 times poor more constant pressure.
2) the export that the inspiratory pressure of conduit pump increases pump presses difference.
2. designs temperature
Chemical conduit and its composition design temperature not to answer under unit process of cargo bandling in, the slashing requirement that makes by pressure and temperature asks.
3. conduit decorates the element of Lv of take an examination to inscribe
1) stock element
Cable installation in conduit is due gradient, gradient direction all flows along stock commonly direction, but also have as contrary as stock flow direction. Gradient is 1/100 ~ 5/1000 commonly. Carry the stock canal with big viscosity, somes gradient demand is big, can come 1/100. The stock conduit gradient that contains solid crystallization can be controlled to 5/100. The conduit that bury the ground and lay the conduit in ground channel, when halting production, its stockpile stock is taken no account of put, can take no account of lay gradient. The conduit of mordant stock, should decorate the lower part in parallel pipeline or outside side. Explode combustibly, easily, poisonous should not lay with the conduit of mordant stock be in in life division, stair and corridor, configure relief valve, prevent firearm of cruel film, block, water to seal etc. Waterproof, prevent cruel plant, put empty canal to should be brought to outdoor appoint place or above of 2m of tower above roofing. Cold hot conduit is decorated apart as far as possible. Act against one’s will when, hot tube is in on, cold canal is falling. The span of the surface outside its heat-insulation layer, 0.5m is less than commonly when running paralell up and down. When across is arranged, should not be less than 0.25m, the ply of insulation material and heat-insulation layer sets according to the standard.
2) the conduit of pump is decorated
Of pump decorate means to have 3 kinds: Open air decorates, half open air decorates and indoor decorate:
The conduit of conduit pump is decorated
Conduit pump conduit decorates must accord with following requirement: Conduit decorates Lv of take an examination to set the kind of reasonable strong point and the conduit support that match; Conduit is decorated should accord with concerned design standard, standard, regulation; Accord with the requirement of technological process graph and appearance flow chart; Conduit is decorated what should make be in charge of a department to have certain is flexible, make sure conduit reachs pitching moment not to exceed the allowable and numeric range of compressor manufacturer to active force of conduit pump nozzle; Conduit is decorated should design a program as a whole, make sure on the safe side runs conduit pump, want to satisfy the requirement of each respect such as construction, inspection operation at the same time.
Conduit pump imports the requirement that conduit decorates
Conduit pump is used enclosed when workshop is installed, according to the requirement of flow chart, usually inlet tube path should install gas fluid segregator, separate facility approachs entrance point as far as possible, at the same time consideration conduit has certain gradient slope to gas fluid segregator. Setting of common entrance conduit is outside workshop, can managing field and convenient construction and overhaul; Conduit pump entrance cannot join with bend directly commonly, make sure short straight canal Duanying is more than the tubal diameter of 2 times, take 3 ~ normally the tubal diameter of 5 times. Before driving to prevent sundry enter compressor, in conduit the entrance installs a paragraph of dismountable short valve, facilitating installation temporarily filter.
Conduit pump exports the requirement that conduit decorates
After be being analysed through conduit stress, export pipeline is below the circumstance of force of nozzle of contented conduit pump and moment of force, Conduit pumpThe conduit of exit cannot have bag of look; Export pipeline must have the check valve that prevents gas, liquid to flow backwards commonly, conduit canal diameter slants big when, check valve should approach unit as far as possible, prevent to destroy compressor upstream; The relevant operation valve that exports conduit should be decorated in compressor on 2 platform, convenient operation personnel is operated and observe spot appearance; , around conduit exit normally the setting changes force bedspring raises hanger, according to conduit bracket need rooted place defines proper form and kind, load and stick board the result that size analyses according to stress unites a consideration; While conduit decorates nozzle of contented conduit pump to get power, trend should as far as possible short, reduce the amount of bend, reduce the resistance of conduit.
Of pump decorate specific requirement
Pump of 1. vertical conduit is decorated when director corridor lower part or structural frame lower part, its upper part the space that put apart pump housing is installed and should overhaul place to need;
2. carries exceeding harm material (wait like propylene hydrocyanic acid) pump room and part of one’s job of other pump house lie between a setting;
Of 3. pump decorate conduit of Lv of take an examination flexible design requirement.
1) pump housing is unfavorable bear the weight of conduit of imports and exports and valve, before reason enters pump, mix the conduit after giving pump must set supportive plant, when accomplishing pump to carry away as far as possible, do not set temporarily bracket.
2) inspiratory conduit should as far as possible short, little turn a corner, avoid to shrink suddenly canaliculus diameter.
3) the air suction opening that the diameter of inspiratory conduit should not be less than pump. When the air suction opening of pump is horizontal way, should configure canal of prejudicial different diameter, the air suction opening of adoption pump is perpendicular direction, can configure canal of homocentric different diameter.
4) the stock when stopping to prevent pump is strong, the eduction of pump should set check valve on the canal. Check valve should be set before cutting off a powerful person, a powerful person will be cut off to shut after jockeying, lest a powerful person of check valve board attaint of long-term press press.
Room of water pump of 4. fire control should establish double power source; The pump that decorates into the platoon should press condition of fire prevention requirement, operation and stock character to be decorated in group; When pump open air, half open air is decorated; Operate what temperature is equal to or prep above spontaneous combustion nods to be able to light liquid pump appropriate to be decorated centrally; Can light liquid pump with what operation temperature nods under spontaneous combustion between due the fire prevention span that is not less than 4.5m; With liquid hydrocarbon pump between due the fire prevention span that is not less than 7.5m;
When 5. conduit pump is decorated into the platoon, appropriate gives pump end. Population center string is right neat, or pump upright foundation foul line is opposite neat;
The 200mm of ground of tower above of fundamental face appropriate of 6. pump. Must not be less than 100mm; When filter is installed before pump air suction opening, filter of Lv of take an examination of pump foundation height can go to the lavatory to clean and be torn open outfit;
7. is public reserve conduit pump appropriate arranges the intermediate place in corresponding pump;
8. pump is decorated in the director corridor lower part or outside when side, the lesser clear span of pump division passageway is 2m, clear height is 3m, the width of the passageway is operated before pump end, should not be less than 1m;
When 9. pump double platoon is decorated, the appropriate dynamical end two pump is opposite, inter put apart overhauls a passageway;
10. is except installation outside the small-sized pump on associated foundation, between two pump be apart from completely unfavorable be less than 0.7m;
11. pump is decorated providing corridor lower part or outside when side, it is odd platoon or double platoon no matter, the central line appropriate of pump and drive motive and tubal corridor trend are perpendicular;
12. pump is decorated indoors when, two pump are apart from completely should not be less than 2m. Between pump end or pump side and wall be apart from completely should satisfy operation, overhaul to ask and unfavorable be less than Lm.
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