GDL multistage pump is safeguarded with maintain

2023-09-26 08:53:28

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The multistage pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client multistage pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of multistage pump model, multistage, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is about GDL multistage pump safeguards with the knowledge that maintain:

GDL multistage pump designs production new generation product according to JB/TQ6435-92 standard. Undertake demonstrative with respect to the equipment care and maintenance of GDL multistage pump and common breakdown reason now:
One, GDL multistage pump moves medium maintenance and maintain:
Road of 1. wirereinforced suction hose must height is sealed, cannot slack, flat;
2. bans pump of shut-off of water to move for a long time below cavitation condition;
3. prohibits GDL multistage pump moves in large flow operating mode when, electric machinery exceeds electric current to move for a long time;
4. times examination pump runs medium electric machinery electric current to be worth, make pump moves inside limits of design operating mode as far as possible;
5. pump is due in move guard of person specially assigned for a task, lest produce an accident;
Every run 6.GDL multistage pump 500 hours to answer bearing to undertake cheering;
After 7. pump undertakes moving for a long time, as a result of mechanical wear, when making aircrew noise and vibration increase, should jockey examination, can change when necessary fragile spare parts and bearing, unit overhaul period is a year commonly.
2, common breakdown reason and eliminate a method:
1.GDLMultistage pumpValve of the reason A that does not give water to may arise, imports and exports was not opened, block of pipeline of pass in and out, way of travel of accident of B of block of impeller flow path, report is wrong, electric machinery is short of photograph rotate speed very slow C, inspiratory tube is flat D, pump does not have fill full liquid, water supply of available gas E, entrance is insufficient inside pump antrum, suck Cheng exorbitant, obstruction of slack F, pipeline crosses heart valve big, pump type selecting is undeserved
Discharge of 2. water pump is insufficient: A, press first 1. The reason checks block of flow path of B, conduit, pump or impeller share, furring deposit, valve opens D of on the low side of degree of insufficient C, voltage
Impeller wears away
3, power is too great A, exceed rated discharge to use B, suck Cheng bearing of exorbitant C, pump wears away
4, noise vibration A, pipeline props up flabby B, fluid to be mixed originally overload of E of attaint of D of cavitation of aeriform C, generation, bearing, electric machinery moves
5, calorific A, discharge crosses electric machinery big, d of attaint of bearing of C of overweighted moving B, local friction, electric machinery, voltage is insufficient
6, water pump is mechanical and slack A, sealed wear away B, pump housing has C of burst of arenaceous Kong Huo, sealing surface bolt of rough whole D, installation is lax
3, mechanical and sealed maintenance and maintain:
Ying Qingjie of sealed lubricating fluid does not have 1. machinery solid grain;
2. forbidden machinery is sealed working grind the job below the circumstance;
Before 3. starts, answer dish use pump (electric machinery) a few, lest start suddenly,create machine sealed rupture attaint.
Thank you very much to Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The visit of official website! Above is about GDL multistage pump is safeguarded introduce with what maintain, still think to this problem like you deep one pace understanding, or the problem that has price of model of type selecting of product of other pump industry, water pump, water pump, water pump needs to solve, contact this water pump manufacturer please, my company still produces fire pump, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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