Fire pump control cabinet

HR-XF-G direct start fire pump control equipment

This machine adopts Delixi air switch as the main power control component, Chint high-performance silver contact AC contactor as the main circuit starting element, Chint relay as the fully automatic start-stop control pump operation, Chint time relay as switching start Components: Delixi control transformer is used as the low-voltage control component, high-precision power meter and mutual inductance ammeter are used as power supply current monitoring components, and the control cabinet door is equipped with a universal transfer switch knob, control signal lamp and power indicator light.

HR-XF-G direct start fire pump control equipment

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Extend the life of the motor and water pump Soft start provides a smooth and gradual starting process for the motor, reducing the vibration and noise of the equipment. Clean up the inrush current when the water pump control cabinet starts. Reduce the motor loss of the water pump control cabinet. Simple operation, stable operation, and reliable automatic control. After the system is debugged and running normally, it can be put into protection for continuous operation without maintenance. Perfect protection functions have various protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, phase loss, short circuit, and overheating.

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