Fire pump control equipment

HR-XF-R/G (soft start) fire pump control equipment

HR-XF-R/G (soft start) fire pump control equipment uses a microprocessor to control high-power thyristor components to realize the functions of software start, soft stop and power saving of AC induction motors. Soft start control cabinet Soft start refers to the process in which the output voltage of the device rises according to a rule, so that the voltage of the controlled motor rises from zero to full voltage, and the speed correspondingly smoothly accelerates from zero to rated speed. Soft start control cabinet The soft start can make the pump start and stop torque curve approach the pump torque characteristic curve, and clean up the electric and mechanical starting impact of the pump and the system to the greatest extent, so that the start is reliable and stable.

HR-XF-R/G (soft start) fire pump control equipment

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Extend the life of the motor and water pump Soft start provides a smooth and gradual starting process for the motor, reducing the vibration and noise of the equipment. Clean up the inrush current when the water pump control cabinet starts. Reduce the motor loss of the water pump control cabinet. Simple operation, stable operation, and reliable automatic control. After the system is debugged and running normally, it can be put into protection for continuous operation without maintenance. Perfect protection functions have various protections such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, phase loss, short circuit, and overheating.

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