Fire pump control equipment

HR-XF-Y/F fire pump control equipment

The main and standby pumps can choose and combine multiple starting methods at will, various control forms, and automatically switch over in case of failure. The product has various protection functions such as overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, water leakage of the pump body, overtemperature and leakage of the motor, and complete status display. It also has single pump and multi-pump control modes, multiple main and standby pump switching modes and various Starting method. It is widely used in industrial and agricultural production and various types of buildings for automatic control of water supply, drainage, fire protection, sprinkler pipe network pressurization, HVAC cold and hot water circulation, etc..

HR-XF-Y/F fire pump control equipment

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The fire control equipment is a functional cabinet that controls the operation of the fire pump. When the fire pump control cabinet receives a fire alarm signal, it will immediately start or stop the fire pump according to the command, so as to realize fire extinguishing. The fire control equipment is used to control the start of the fire pump and the regulator pump. It has dual power supply lines, has two working modes, manual and automatic, and has the linkage function with the fire control center, and controls the fire pump and regulator pump. It plays a protective role in the phase loss and overload of the fire pump and the voltage stabilizing pump.

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