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HR-XFXJ-V/A fire pump automatic inspection control equipment

This machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulator to inspect the pump, the starting current is small, the speed of the pump is low, and the mechanical impact on the pump is small; thereby prolonging the service life of the fire pump, especially for high-power pumps. The driving power is small, the operation is efficient and energy-saving, and the power resources are greatly saved. The inspection cabinet automatically inspects according to the set period, without manual operation, and is equipped with a variety of communication interfaces, which can realize remote fire monitoring, and understand the situation of the fire pump unit at any time, which is convenient for management.

HR-XFXJ-V/A fire pump automatic inspection control equipment

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1. When the fire occurs during the inspection, the inspection will be stopped immediately, and the fire pump will be started instantaneously. 2. The inspection period is not more than 7 days, and the running time of each pump is not less than 2 minutes. 3. It has overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, and lack of phase. Protection 4. The automatic inspection device will generate an audible and visual alarm if there is a fault during the inspection.

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