Fire pump control cabinet

HR-XFYJ-Y/G fire pump electrical control equipment

The electrical control equipment of HR-XFYJ-Y/G fire pump adopts stable and reliable mechanical interlocking transmission, the executive components adopt independent load isolation switch, two rows of composite silver contacts, horizontal pull mechanism, pre-storage technology, basic Realize zero flying fox, with on-off indication, padlock and other functions, realize mechanical emergency start function. The emergency cabinet has the advantages of high efficiency, low operating noise, good anti-cavitation performance, reasonable structure, long service life, etc., stable operation, low noise, long service life, small footprint, convenient installation and maintenance, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

HR-XFYJ-Y/G fire pump electrical control equipment

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This machine uses a high-quality circuit breaker as the main power control component; uses a high-performance silver contact AC contactor as the main circuit starting component; uses a control panel to control the operation of the water pump; uses mechanical emergency as a forced starting component; supply current monitoring components.

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