Top pressure water supply equipment

HRZL-D series fire fighting gas top pressure water supply equipment

Building fire water supply often uses air pressure tanks instead of high-level water tanks to meet the initial water consumption for 10 minutes of fire protection, but ordinary air pressure tanks are often used to occupy a large space. Fire-fighting gas top pressure water supply equipment is a new type of fixed fire extinguishing device produced according to GB/T50016 “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings” and GB27898.4 “Fixed Fire Fire Water Supply Equipment Part 4: Fire-fighting Gas Top Pressure Water Supply Equipment”. The device is composed of an air pressure water tank, a pressure stabilizing device, a decompression device, an air stop device, a sensor, an electric control system, etc. The volume of the tank is 3 to 5 times that of an ordinary air pressure tank, and the water supply pressure is stable. It is an ideal large-scale water tank. Emergency fire water supply equipment, the equipment has automatic operation log recording and export functions, which is convenient for determining the responsibility and analysis of the cause of the accident.

HRZL-D series fire fighting gas top pressure water supply equipment

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When the water level of the air pressure water tank is lower than P3, the stabilized pressure pump starts to work, and the water is sent to the fire pipe network, and the excess water enters the air pressure tank. When the liquid level reaches the set value P4, the stabilized pressure water pump stops working. At this time, the system pressure is reduced. The set pressure value is not reached. The air compressor starts to run; when the pressure rises to the upper limit SP2 of the regulated pressure, the regulated air compressor stops running. Due to system leakage and other reasons, the pressure of the pipe network drops. When the pressure of the pipe network drops to the lower limit of the stabilized pressure SP1, the air compressor starts to work; Run, and start again and again.

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