Mixed flow pump

HRZL-HW mixed-flow pump

HRZL-HW mixed-flow pump is a horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, volute-type mixed-flow pump. It is suitable for conveying clear water or other liquids that physical and chemical properties are similar to water. The temperature of the liquid being transferred should not be higher than 50℃. It is widely used in various occasions such as farmland drainage and irrigation, industrial and urban water supply and drainage. The performance range of HW type pump: flow rate 180-18700m³/h, head 2.5~17.7m.

HRZL-HW mixed-flow pump

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HRZL-HW mixed flow pump is simple structure, reliable to use, high efficiency, small size and light weight. It is mainly composed of pump cover, impeller pump body, pump shaft, shaft sleeve, bearing body or bearing frame and other main parts. The pump cover is respectively connected with the pump body and the water inlet pipe. There should be a proper gap between the pump cover plane and the impeller plane. If the gap is too small, friction will occur, and if the gap is too large, a large amount of pressure water in the pump body will flow back, reducing the efficiency of the pump.

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