Integrated pump station

HRZL- Integrated prefabricated pumping station

HRZL-integrated prefabricated pumping station (hereinafter referred to as pumping station) is the equipment for lifting sewage, rainwater, drinking water, waste water, etc. It is a turnkey new and environmentally friendly first-generation pumping station that is designed, manufactured and assembled by the factory and shipped to the site for installation. . The pump station series products have the characteristics of modern products such as short construction period, convenient installation, small size, high efficiency, intelligent network and so on. Compared with traditional pumping stations, the amount of civil works is less, and the investment can be reduced by more than half. There are stand-alone alternatives for product quality.

HRZL- Integrated prefabricated pumping station

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HRZL-integrated prefabricated pumping station is provided as an integrated equipment: integrated pumping station shell, pressure pipe, maintenance platform, maintenance ladder, grid filter device, coupling system, pump lifting system, ventilation device, anti-slip manhole cover, lighting System, etc., reserve a communication interface to facilitate centralized management by customers.

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