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HRZL-K-B frequency conversion control cabinet

This machine adopts Chint air switch as the main power control component, Chint high-performance silver contact AC contactor as the main circuit starting element, Chint relay as the fully automatic start-stop control pump operation, Chint time relay as the switching start element, Taiwan MEAN WELL switching power supply is used as low-voltage power supply components, high-precision power supply meter and mutual inductance ammeter are used as power supply current monitoring components, high-precision programmable logic controller and high-performance high-power inverter are used as intelligent control components, and the control cabinet door is installed with Knob switch and control signal light and power indicator light.

HRZL-K-B frequency conversion control cabinet

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HRZL-K-B frequency conversion control cabinet has multiple protection functions such as overload, short circuit, phase loss protection, water leakage of the pump body, motor overtemperature and leakage, and complete status display. Pump switching mode and various starting modes. It can be widely used in automatic control of various occasions such as industrial and agricultural production, water supply, drainage, fire protection, sprinkler pipe network pressurization, and HVAC cold and hot water circulation. The water pump control cabinet has excellent internal quality, beautiful and durable appearance, easy installation and operation, and is a safe and reliable companion for all kinds of water pumps.

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