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HRZL-LG high-rise building feed water pump (vertical multistage centrifugal pump)

LG type vertical multistage centrifugal pump is a new generation product developed according to my China standards for water supply and drainage of high-rise buildings and the National Fire Protection Bureau. This type of pump adopts an excellent hydraulic model with high efficiency and energy saving, so it has the advantages of high efficiency and wide range of performance, which better meets the requirements of users. In addition, this type of pump adopts a vertical and segmented structure, and has safe, stable operation and long service life. It occupies a small area and is convenient for installation and maintenance.

HRZL-LG high-rise building feed water pump (vertical multistage centrifugal pump)

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HRZL-LG high-rise building water supply pump is a vertical single-suction multi-stage segmented centrifugal pump, which is used to transfer clean water at room temperature and liquids with similar physical and chemical properties to clean water. The LG series pumps are installed vertically, and the motor shaft and pump shaft pass through the claw type coupling connection has the advantages of compact structure, low noise and small footprint. It is mainly used for water supply of high-rise buildings, but also can be used for water supply and drainage of factories, mines, enterprises and low-pressure boiler circulating water.

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