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HRZL-TC-LYC Diesel long shaft deep well pump

HRZL-TC/LYC diesel engine long shaft deep well pump consists of multiple centrifugal impellers and guide casings, water pipes, transmission shafts, pump bases, gearboxes, diesel engines Assembly, control cabinet and other components. The pump base, wheel box and diesel engine assembly are located above the wellhead, and the power of the diesel engine assembly is transmitted to the impeller shaft through the concentric transmission shaft of the freighter box and the lifting pipe, thereby generating flow and pressure.

HRZL-TC-LYC Diesel long shaft deep well pump

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The bearing components of the diesel long shaft deep well pump adopt a double rolling bearing structure. The long-shaft fire pumps produced by many manufacturers only include a thrust bearing for the bearing components, the weight of the rotor and the axial force of the pump are borne by it, the radial force of the pump cannot be well balanced, resulting in frequent vibrations when the pump is in running, leading to rapid bearing wear, packing gland and packing easy to loosen and leak water and other faults. On the other hand, XBC series long-axis fire pumps add a deep groove ball bearing above the original thrust bearing as the radial positioning of the entire rotor component, so that the axial force and radial force are well balanced, and the pump runs more smoothly and reliably.

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