Fire stabilized water supply equipment

HRZL-W fire regulated water supply equipment

HRZL-W fire-fighting stabilized pressure water supply equipment is composed of a water pump, an air pressure tank (the air pressure tank in this article refers to a capsule diaphragm tank), an electrical control cabinet, and necessary valves, pipelines and other accessories. Generally, we follow a Configure two water pumps with the same performance as a backup (in fact, they are mutual backups). Usually, the two water pumps work alternately automatically. When one of the water pumps fails, the other water pump is put into use: the air pressure tank is used as the equipment to stop and maintain pressure. The essential link is to supply water to the fire pipe network and maintain the pressure of the pipe network when the equipment is shut down. At the same time, it also plays the role of a pressure switch. The electrical control cabinet controls the start and stop of the water pump according to the pressure input signal to realize the automatic operation control of the equipment.

HRZL-W fire regulated water supply equipment

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The components used in HRZL-W fire regulated water supply equipment conform to the national and industry standards, and the key components are domestic and foreign well-known brand products. Compression equipment is compact and reasonable in structure, flexible in site layout, and easy to install and maintain.

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