No negative pressure water supply equipment

HRZL-WF(W)tank type laminated non-negative pressure water supply equipment

The non-negative pressure water supply equipment of frequency conversion water supply equipment can adopt various control methods such as water level, pressure, frequency conversion speed regulation, etc., to meet the needs of different users, prevent secondary pollution of the reservoir, and will not generate negative pressure on the municipal pipe network during operation, so that the frequency conversion Water supply equipment has become a new generation of representative environmental protection and energy-saving water supply equipment. Frequency conversion water supply equipment is an electromechanical integrated water supply device that applies AC frequency conversion speed regulation technology and microcomputer control technology to water pump automatic control equipment and combines with water pump unit. According to the instantaneous changes of pressure and flow parameters in the water supply pipe network, the equipment automatically changes the number and operating speed of the pumps, and realizes the closed-loop adjustment of constant pressure and variable water supply.

HRZL-WF(W)tank type laminated non-negative pressure water supply equipment

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Saving investment: no need to build reservoirs and water tanks, and no need for large pressure tanks, and due to the use of overlapping pipe networks, the type of pressurized pump can be reduced, reducing equipment investment High efficiency and energy saving: directly connected to the pipe network, can be fully utilized The pressure potential energy of the pipe network itself can effectively play the advantages of frequency conversion and speed regulation. Small footprint: no need to build reservoirs and water tanks, equipped with large air pressure tanks, saving equipment and system footprint

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