hydraulic slurry pump

HRZL-YQZ hydraulic submersible slurry pump

HRZL-YQZ hydraulic slurry pump is a new type of dredging pump. For projects with harsh environment and difficult power supply, the hydraulic slurry pump does not need power and is installed on the front end of the excavator arm or the hanger of the dredger. There is no need to build complex ground protection. When it is not conducive to direct excavation by excavators, hydraulic sediment pumps can be used for extraction to achieve long-distance transportation, which improves the scope of use and its own value.

HRZL-YQZ hydraulic submersible slurry pump

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HRZL-YQZ hydraulic submersible slurry pump selection needs to calculate the actual output power of the hydraulic system to match the most suitable pump type. It can also be customized and modified according to the needs (auger type, suction type, bucket wheel type) with hydraulic drive, no need for electricity, super wear-resistant, effective blockage removal, generally used for river cleaning, engineering sewage discharge, slag treatment, and extraction of mud Sand, slag, coal ash powder and other solid powder particles mixed slurry, the slurry concentration can reach up to 70%.

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