submersible slurry pump

HRZL-ZJQ submersible slurry pump (submersible mixing)

After screening and improving the ZJQ submersible slurry pump series, our company has carried out comprehensive optimization and innovative design in hydraulic model, sealing technology, mechanical structure, protection control and other aspects. The product has simple structure, convenient installation, safe and reliable use, and long service life. There is no need to build complex ground pump rooms and fixed installations when diving into the water, the noise and vibration are small, and the site is cleaner.

HRZL-ZJQ submersible slurry pump (submersible mixing)

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HRZL-ZJQ submersible slurry pump is made of high-quality and high-wear-resistant alloy material by precision casting. The submersible slurry pump is a submersible slurry pump in which the motor and the water pump are coaxial. There is a stirring impeller at the bottom of the pump body, which can stir the deposited sludge to form a turbulent flow and realize high-concentration transfer. It is mainly used for the removal and transfer of mud liquid in metallurgy, mining, thermal power plants and other enterprises.

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