vertical axial flow pump

HRZL-ZLB vertical axial flow pump

The ZLB pump is a single-stage vertical axial flow pump, and the liquid flows along the axial direction of the pump shaft. This type of water pump has a low lift and a large flow rate. It is suitable for pumping clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties. The maximum temperature of the pumped liquid is 50℃. It is mainly used for farmland drainage and irrigation, industrial thermal power plants to transport circulating water, cities Water supply and drainage. Dock lifting water level or water for other water conservancy projects, the use range is very wide.

HRZL-ZLB vertical axial flow pump

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The water pump mainly consists of a water pump body part and a transmission part. The body part is supported by high-quality carbon steel, and the bearing is lubricated with water during operation. The bearing neck is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the surface is coated with hard chromium, which improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The rotation of the impeller of the water pump is counterclockwise when viewed from the suction port. There are three types of transmission modes: vertical motor direct drive, vertical motor V-belt transmission, and vertical cross flat belt transmission.

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