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HRZL-ZW supercharging and stabilizing equipment

HRZL-ZW pressurization and pressure stabilization equipment is composed of a water pump, an air pressure tank (the air pressure key in this article refers to a capsule diaphragm tank, an electrical control cabinet, and necessary valves, pipelines and other accessories. Generally, we use one The first backup (in fact, it is mutual backup) is equipped with two water pumps with the same performance. Usually, the two water pumps work alternately automatically. When one of the water pumps fails, the other water pump will be put into use; The indispensable link is to supply water to the fire pipe network and maintain the pressure of the pipe network when the equipment is shut down. At the same time, it also plays the role of a pressure switch. The electrical control cabinet controls the start and stop of the water pump according to the pressure input signal to realize the automatic operation control of the equipment. This equipment mainly It is used for pressure supplement in closed equipment or pipe network. It is often used in central air-conditioning pipe network and places where it is suitable for pressure supplement and stabilization. It is not often used as the main pump.

HRZL-ZW supercharging and stabilizing equipment

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The equipment can realize fully automatic control, with manual/automatic switching, pressure adjustment, voltage stabilization, high and low voltage protection, phase loss protection, overload protection, water shortage and pressure loss protection, stop without water, instantaneous trip protection; and can be equipped according to customer needs Visual remote adjustment, detection and maintenance of primary and secondary pumps in regular rotation.

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