Super self-priming Separated or direct connection

HRZL-ZX/ZW self-priming pump/sewage pump

HRZL-ZX/ZW self-priming pump/sewage pump is a horizontal structure, the pump is integrated, the appearance is beautiful, and the floor space is small. Compared with ordinary self-priming pumps, the floor space is reduced by 30%. If 1IP54 outdoor motor is used, no pump room is needed, and it can be used outdoors. Widely used in oil depots, gas stations, oil tankers, oil tankers, wharves, oil trucks, airports, transporting gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aviation media, etc. If the corrosion-resistant mechanical seal and stainless steel are used, it can also be applied to chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, brewing, electroplating, printing, papermaking, power mining, etc.

HRZL-ZX/ZW self-priming pump/sewage pump

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HRZL-ZX/ZW self-priming pump/sewage pump runs smoothly, with low noise and high component concentricity. The motor and the pump are directly connected, which simplifies the intermediate structure and increases the stability of operation. The impeller has excellent dynamic and static balance, no vibration during operation, low noise, prolongs the service life of the bearing, and improves the use environment. The shaft seal adopts high-quality mechanical seal, and the dynamic and static rings are made of hard alloy, which is wear-resistant, leak-free and has a long service life.

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