How be opposite is conduit pump machinery sealed undertake lubricating maintaining?

2023-10-14 08:49:30

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the conduit pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need conduit pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is about how be opposite conduit pump machinery is sealed the knowledge that has lubricating maintaining:

The machinery that works in liquid medium is sealed, all rely on liquid medium commonly moving, the lilquid film that static annulus forms between attrition face undertakes lubricating. Accordingly, keeping the lilquid film between attrition face is to make sure mechanical and sealed stability runs, lengthen service life place indispensable.
1. is static pressure lubricant:
Alleged static pressure lubricating is the action that the lubricating fluid system that will have pressure introduces attrition face to lubricate with rising directly. With this the fluid pressure inside the lubricating fluid of pressure and machinery is fought relatively, this kind of form also calls a fluid normally quiet pressure is sealed. The lubricant liquid that introduce furnishs by sole fluid source, wait like hydraulic pump. Want a condition to allow only, should be changeover of aeriform medium condition as far as possible liquid medium condition, facilitate already so lubricate to facilitate again sealed. The machinery of aeriform medium is sealed should adopt measure to build gas film to lubricate, if use gas static control controlled film machine sealed or solid is lubricant, choose namely self-lubricating material is made move annulus or static link.
2. end panel is prejudicial:
Average machine is sealed, the central line of the center that uses annulus, center of static annulus and axis is in to go up point-blank, prejudicial measure cannot pass big, especially to high pressure, the pressure that prejudicial meeting makes end panel place suffers is inhomogenous, and cause wear away inhomogenous. Sealed to high rotate speed, unfavorable with move annulus to serve as prejudicial annulus, because leave the balance of mental efforts,can make machine happening oscillatory otherwise. If will move the central line deflection of the make it of end panel center of the certain annulus in annulus or static annulus and axis to be apart from certainly, when can making annulus is rotating, ceaseless belt comes into lubricating fluid lubricant effect has between slip face.
3. end panel opens slot:
The small slot that attrition face opens has rectangular, wedge, or other appearance. Unfavorable and too much or groove is too deep, can make divulge otherwise increase. To make contamination or grind bits not to enter attrition area as far as possible, leave mental efforts way to arrange to the liquid (outflow type) of flow sealed, groove should leave to go up in static annulus, introduce contamination in order to avoid the action of centrifugal force attrition face. Conversely, the liquid leaves mental efforts way to go against (inside sort type) when flow, groove should leave moving annulus to go up, centrifugal force conduces to contamination swing in groove oneself piece. High pressure and machinery of high rotate speed should maintain the lilquid film between attrition face is inconvenient, the attrition heat that lilquid film often generates by high pressure and high rotate speed is destroyed. To this kind of circumstance, adopt groovy form to come aggrandizement lubricates have effect very much. Move annulus and static annulus to be able to open slot, leave commonly in relatively on the material of wear-resisting. Move annulus and static annulus to should not open slot at the same time, because such meetings reduce lubricant effect.
Mechanical and sealed move, the working circumstance between static annulus, great majority is to lie border lubricates and lubricant condition issues half liquid, and half liquid is lubricant can be in coefficient of friction is lesser wear away namely with calorific below satisfactory circumstance, achieve good sealed result.
Conduit pumpMachinery moves sealedly, the attrition circumstance between static annulus:
1, half liquid is lubricant:
The indentation place of sliding surface is put have a liquid, a very thin lilquid film is kept between interface, give out heat so and wear out condition all better, because move, the lilquid film between static annulus has exterior pulling force in its exit, reason restricted liquid to divulge.
2, complete liquid is lubricant:
But because be moved below this kind of circumstance, the crack between static annulus is larger, sealed action is less than since reason, divulge serious. Should move, the pressure between static annulus is insufficient, and when making clearance increases, lilquid film is added thick, at this moment nonexistent solid contact, reason does not have attrition phenomenon. Apply actually in conduit pump in general not be patient of this kind of case appears (controlled film machinery is sealed except) .
3, dry attrition:
Enter without the liquid on sliding friction face, exist without lilquid film consequently, only dust and oxidation layer, and adsorptive aeriform element. Should move, when static annulus runs, its are to make attrition face calorific necessarily as a result, wear away aggravate and cause divulge.
4, attrib border and lubricant:
Because the surface is not made the same score absolutely, however uneven, in bulgy the contact wears away, and maintain liquid lubricity in sunken place can, cause border to lubricate. Should move, when the ability that the pressure between static annulus increases or the liquid forms lilquid film on attrition face is poorer, the liquid will be squeezed to go out from inside clearance. Border wears away lubricantly and calorific degree is medium.
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