Overhaul of conduit pump pump shaft and bend measure

2023-10-13 08:53:26

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the conduit pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need conduit pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is about conduit pump pump shaft the overhaul reachs curve metrical knowledge:

Conduit pump is chemical industry and life production in, common device, conduit pump uses pump shaft of electric machinery roll normally, drive impeller to rotate finish carry, electric machinery is in rotational pump shaft, if pump shaft bends, can produce breakdown to pump, the happening of serious direct damage water pump and accident, how should overhaul conduit pump pump shaft so, pump shaft appears bend how to be measured, what move is there?
One, Conduit pumpPump shaft overhaul
High pressure is centrifugal nicety of water pump structure, move, space is little between static part, the rotate speed of rotor is high, axial load is heavy, the requirement of countershaft is accordingly strict. Axial flexibility does not allow to exceed 0.05mm commonly, should undertake vertical axis works otherwise. If disintegrate hind discovers pump shaft has one of following cases when, should change new axis. The face that axial surface has crackle; axis has be eroded by high speed current and appear deeper channel mark, be in keyway place especially, the axis bends very big, classics for many times vertical axis and bend. Specific to pump shaft place has pull hair or wear away ancon, can use thermal spraying or besmear plating craft has repair.
2, conduit pump shaft bends measure
When bending to measuring conduit pump shaft, answer to undertake below room temperature condition. Major axis can be on the cement ground of flat or level off, journal two end are propped up be worn in ball or undertake metrical on V form iron, and heavy-duty axis is like turbine rotor axis, undertake on noumenal bearing commonly. Limitation should use axial change to be in before measuring 0.1mm less than.
3, measure axial bent measure to be as follows:
1, become divide into equal parts of axial edge axial a certain number of measuring paragraph, measure the surface to should choose to be in as far as possible the circle did not wear away and the smooth shaft part of burr.
2, distribute axial end panel the share (it is commonly 8 wait for a portion) . Take the axis of shaft coupling, can press the bolt aperture divide into equal parts of shaft coupling, without the axis of shaft coupling, it is start divide into equal parts with keyway, make on earmark. Dot of divide into equal parts serves as measure a place, all the following measurement the record should agree with these earmark.
3, measuring dial gauge outfit locally (measure in every paragraph assemble 100 minutes of lists) , measure lever to want vertical axis, its center passes axes, the big shot of the watch tone reachs 5 0 point, go to small injection attune among span, next slowly complementary roll circuit, watch needle should be returned only then dot.
4, turn the axis adagio by same way, ordinal measure give reading each a little bit, make good record, every section is measured at 8 o’clock. When measuring, each section should be measured twice, so that proofread, the angle that turns every time should agree, reading error should be less than 0.005mm.
5, according to the record, cipher out of each section curve a value. Take the in part that is worth relative to the difference 2 o’clock inside same section, scale photograph bitmap.
6, of section of will same axial curve a value, including orthogonal coordinate is. Ordinate expresses to curve a value, abscissa states the axis measures the interval between section with each endlong. Basis to bitmap curve a value to be able to connect two linear, two linear node are approximate bigger curve a dot, when to measure more in this bits of both sides next, will measure each bits of Lian Chengping is slipperily curve and two linear and tangent, make a rod curve a curve.
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