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Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The conduit pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client conduit pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is the knowledge that about fluorine plastic conduit pump summarizes:

Which a few kinds does the classified method of 1. pump have?
(1) presses the working principle classification of pump. Commonly used pump can divide for: Pump of conduit pump, reciprocating pump, gear, vortical pump and screw pump.
(2) is classified at liquid principle by pump action. Pump cent is blade type and cubage type two kinds big.
(3) presses the utility classification of pump. Commonly used pump, be like water pump, oil pump, anti-corrosive pump; Circumfluence pump, ammonia water pump and anxious oil pump.
   2. Summarize fluorine the working principle of plastic conduit pump.
   Fluorine is plastic conduit pump is to use the centrifugal power that gyral impeller produces to carry liquid machine. Drive when electric machinery when securing the impeller on the axis to rotate, blade is dialed move the liquid inside impeller to rotate, the liquid achieves energy, swing continuously from impeller brim piece. Swing the liquid that come out to flow to diffuse through pump case from impeller when the canal, kinetic energy is reduced, static pressure can increase, make the liquid is in charge of eduction along exit. Meanwhile, meiobar was formed in impeller center part. And store the intensity of pressure on groovy fluid face is more than impeller center to be in, below the function that controls difference, the liquid enters pump via inspiratory canal inside. Want impeller to turn ceaselessly only, liquid ceaselessly inspiratory with eduction.
   3. Fluorine is plasticConduit pumpwhat does basic performance data have?
   Basic performance data has:
(1) discharge (Q) . Discharge namely the transportation of pump liquid ability, call a platoon the quantity again, show inside unit time the platoon sends liquid the volume. With bulk denotive discharge calls bulk discharge, the unit is M3/h, m3/s or L/s; With weight denotive discharge calls weight discharge, the unit is Kg/h or Kg/s.
(2) lift (H) . Lift calls pump pressure the head again, namely the energy that pump provides to the liquid of unit weight. Column of fluid of commonly used M expresses.
(3) rotate speed (N) . The whirl with pump minutely impeller the frequency calls rotate speed, the unit is R/min.
(4) axis power (Na) . The power that when pump runs, gains from electromotor place is axial power, namely the power input of pump, the unit is W(or J/s) , KW.
(5) effective power (Ne) . Pump transports the effective energy that the liquid that go out achieves from pump place inside unit time, namely real power weighs effective power, the unit is W(or J/s) , KW.
(6) efficiency (N) . The ratio of the effective power of pump and axial power, namely N= Ne/Na.
   4. Is fluorine plastic the discharge of conduit pump and what element is relative?
   Fluorine is plastic the size of conduit pump discharge depends on its structure, dimension, rotate speed, and the reliable degree of seal unit. Fluorine is plastic the actual flow of conduit pump is not a changeless numerical value, can undertake modulatory inside certain limits when the operation. The discharge that indicates on nameplate weighs rated discharge or rated discharge, when this discharge, the efficiency of pump is taller.
   5. The lift of conduit pump and what element is relative?
   The impeller structure dimension of the lift of plastic conduit pump and pump and impeller progression concern fluorine, become direct ratio with the square of rotate speed. Fluorine is plastic the lift of conduit pump and carry liquid density to have nothing to do. The lift on nameplate is the lift that this pump issues in rated discharge.
   6. Does He Shengyang leave the lift of pump degree what differs?
   The lift of pump is the total energy that pump place provides, height rising raise is among them potential energy only, so lift is more than height rising raise forever.
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