Pump of conduit of FSB chemical industry overhauls regulations

2023-09-18 09:10:59

Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The conduit pump that is a major produces manufacturer. When type selecting of client conduit pump, manufacturer of my company water pump can provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer client reference, and manufacturer of my water pump can provide the service of product of custom-built pump industry for the client. This product information is the knowledge that overhauls regulations about pump of conduit of FSB chemical industry:

Pump of conduit of 1.FSB chemical industry overhauls cycle
Because the model of pump of conduit of FSB chemical industry is reached,smoke send medium to differ, its overhaul cycle is endless and identical. General small write 3 months, 12 months are written in, heavy repair 36 months.
Pump of conduit of 2.FSB chemical industry overhauls content
(Pump of conduit of 1)FSB chemical industry is small long
① overhaul graveyard makings is sealed, change filling. The overhaul is mechanical and sealed, inspect a condition local change or change entirely.
② examination and the coaxial that adjust shaft coupling are spent reach axial clearance, change of shaft coupling fragile.
③ examination bearing and lube (fat) circumstance or change lube (fat) .
④ examines cooling system cleared furring.
⑤ eliminates the flaw that discovers in moving process and leakage, examination and close solid are departmental bolt.
⑥ is swept reach overhaul place to belong to valve.
(Pump of conduit of FSB chemical industry is repaired in 2)
① includes FSB chemical industryConduit pumpSmall repair content.
② disintegrate, examination of each component wear away, corrode and erosive degree, give repair or change.
Of ③ examination axis wear away, corrode and linearity, have repair.
④ determines of impeller static balancing the rock capacity that reachs examination rotor.
⑤ inspects the wear out condition of bearing, blow grind plain bearing liner, adjust clearance, and change bearing.
⑥ examination and adjust impeller seal ring, axle sleeve, gland, axis to seal wait for departmental clearance.
⑦ is checked or desired result pressure is expressed.
⑧ examination, sweep and repair electric machinery.
(Pump of conduit of 3)FSB chemical industry heavies repair
① includes in long content.
Pump of conduit of ② only course changes impeller.
③ changes pump shaft.
Pump housing of pump of conduit of ④ only course measures; of thick, appraisal to make repair necessarily.
⑤ is measured reach the level that adjusts pump housing to spend.
⑥ divides rust anticorrosive.
Thank you very much to Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. The visit of official website! Above is the introduction that overhauls regulations about pump of conduit of FSB chemical industry, still think to this problem like you deep one pace understanding, or the problem that has price of model of type selecting of product of other pump industry, water pump, water pump, water pump needs to solve, contact this water pump manufacturer please, my company returns production to suck pump oneself, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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