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2023-10-09 08:45:01

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the sewage pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need sewage pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of sewage pump model, sewage pump, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is the knowledge that builds earlier design about sewage pumping station:

One, the choice of water pump
1. Affirmatory pumping station designs circuit
Urban water consumption is uneven, the sewage discharge of catchment conduit is uneven also, accordingly, the choice of discharge should decide according to actual condition.
2. Pumping station lift is decided really 
As a result ofSewage pumpStation the head is normally inferior, accordingly local loss occupies total losing very large proportion, not allow to ignore accordingly. Considering loss of efficiency, conduit obstruction increases, energy loss is sewage pump, the safe lift that 1-2m can raise after head of affirmatory pump pressure.
3. Choose the problem that pump should note
1) because be in,the water level in coal tub is being collected during pump moves produces change, place choosing pump should be in the efficient part inside this span. When the pump that there are two aboves in pumping station, want to notice at the same time when choosing pump not only. The efficient part; during during it is moving, moving with odd pump
2) the scope of application to enlarge pump, better the pump that uses same kind;
3) will look from the angle that gets used to discharge change and managing electric energy, the model with more appropriate measure can get used to the wider range that drink water. If choose the pump of two kinds of different types, the quantity giving water of small water pump must not give the in part that water measures less at flood pump; If choose one, two pump, the water that the water amount that urine pump produces is not less than flood pump to arise is measured] / 3;
4) the catchment pumping station of large flow can choose axial-flow pump, general pumping station decides centrifugal sewage pump, the situation with not quite difficult pump room can choose PWF anti-corrosive sewage pump, ZW is efficient without jam suck blowdown pump oneself;
5) industry discharges what water pump stands to contain acid normally into water, alkalescent or other caustic material. Accordingly, should choose the sewage pump; with good corrosion resistance
6) pumping station does not exceed 4 pump commonly, the pumping station of same kind, need to install to reserve only inside conduit aircrew; If exceed 4, except the installation inside conduit one reserves outside aircrew, obligate still answers inside storehouse one reserves aircrew.
2, catchment pool design
1. Catchment pool form
Form of pool of catchment of sewage pumping station has a variety of circle, hemicycle, forms such as rectangle. Able to read aloud fluently should is open wide type, surround all around have baluster or short wall, have housetop, Liang Gou or block, hang the requirement of mud or grille broken bits in order to satisfy.
2. Catchment pool decorates a principle
1) to assure water pump move normally, of catchment pool decorate Lv of take an examination to improve the hydraulic condition with bibulous water pump, reduce sluggish shedding and vortex flow. The following should notice in arrangement. The inspiratory canal of pump or impeller should be had flood deepness enoughly, when forming eddy current in order to prevent air by inspiratory or.
2) the air suction opening of sewage pump must maintain be apart from in what set with pool heart institute.
3) the flow that pump straw entrance manages should even, flowing, without eddy. Condition of flow of each pump entrance is basic and same, discharge should not expand suddenly or haul.
4) the entrance speed of the entrance speed of catchment pool and pump as far as possible slow. When clean cistern or maintaining water pump, answer to set gate or gate groove before the cistern of sewage pump room.
3. Catchment pool cubage
The moving property of the cubage of catchment pool and the amount that enter the type of the discharge of pumping station, pump, workbench and its job system, pumping station and the change of the time that start are concerned. In contented installation the premise of grille and straw falls, assure the hydraulic condition of pump, can eliminate the afflux of sewage in time, the cubage of catchment pool should as far as possible small.
1) to small-sized pumping station, the higher water level of catchment pool is taken the tall Cheng of tubal canal bottom;
2) to large and medium-sized pumping station, take high water level from water inlet computational water level;
3) arrive from high water level low water, effective depth of water is catchment pool commonly 1.5-2.0. Collect the gradient I=0.1-0.2 of cistern bottom, tilt at assembling pool.
4) the size of catchment pool must ensure pump has good bibulous state, and the horny mouth of inspiratory canal must be placed inside catchment pool, general beard is decorated downward, its lower edge needs the low water inside cistern of low Wu Ji 0.4 meters, do not be less than 0.8 times of diameter of horn mouth entrance from the distance that the diameter enters the mouth to horn mouth by hole, the horn mouth brim of straw is not less than diameter of horn mouth entrance to the distance of diameter of horn mouth entrance 0.75 times or 1 times; Many loudspeakers should be installed inside same and inspiratory hole when, the distance between inspiratory horn is not less than horn entrance diameter 1.5 to 2 times.
3, pump room (between the machine) decorate
1. Aircrew is decorated
The unit amount of sewage pumping station does not exceed 3 commonly or 4; Of group of pumping station leader decorate and passageway width should accord with following requirement, safety is protected and safeguard of aircrew in order to assure beg again.
1) two aircrew are apart from photograph adjacent completely: When electromotor capacity is less than or be equal to 55kw, do not be less than 0.8m; When electromotor capacity is more than 55kw, do not be less than 1.2m.
2) the pump house that did not have heavy facility, in every aircrew at the same time, the broadness that commonly must one compares this aircrew is spent wide the 0.5 channel of rice, but must not be less than this article.
3) the span of the primary share that two unit highlight photograph adjacent and unit are salient with the span between wall, and the requirement of the width of pump house-owner passageway and pump room. 4) inside the pump house that sets bridge-type to have heavy facility, due the channel that has heavy facility.
5) when equipment needs to be repaired inside pump room, should take the place that has facility. The area of equipment should according to larger facility (or component) over all dimension is certain, it is all round its the channel that sets width to not be less than 0.7 meters.
2. Conduit is decorated
1) inspiratory pipeline decorates every sewage pump the inspiratory valve that must install an independence. This improved the water imbibition of pump not only, still reduced the possibility that conduit jams. The velocity of flow of inspiratory canal is 1.0m/s and 1.5m/s commonly, do not be less than 0.7m/s. Become when inspiratory canal is shorter, speed range increases appropriately. Horn mouth should be installed in inspiratory canal the entrance is in, the 1.3-1.5 that its diameter is inspiratory canal diameter times. Pump water provides the space between the position in cistern and each component, can consult to concern a provision for what water pump stands. Design of catchment pump room is from fill water when, brake valve should be installed on suction hose () of axial-flow pump except, facilitating maintenance. Blame from fill pump, use vavuum pump draw or channel water, do not allow to install heart valve in inspiratory nozzle. Because heart valve jams easily, affected pump start, increased the resistance of straw.
2) the rate that sets the pressure valve in hydraulic conduit is 1.0~2.5m/s commonly. Become two or when many pump and pressure valve are united in wedlock, if have job of a pump only, criterion velocity of flow must not be less than 0.7 meters / second, in order to avoid deposit inside the canal. When the conduit of individual pump and conduit join, do not get the bottom connection with dry canal, deposit of the impurity when stopping in order to prevent pump hereat. Become two or when the pump of two above and combination of an exit canal are used, the exit of every pump should install brake valve on the canal, if use an alone conduit,check valve; should be installed between brake a powerful person and water pump, and can be poured out of freely normally, without check valve and brake a powerful person.
3) cable installation in conduit
Cable installation in conduit of sewage pumping station is open commonly. Straw is put on the ground normally. Pressure conduit installs overhead normally, along the wall installation on bracket. Conduit must not be passed in electric equipment upper part. The hoisting that does not get the traffic inside cloggy station, equipment and safeguard. Passageway ground is apart from base to not be less than 2.0m. When conduit of the laid on pump room floor, answer to install alternate establishment according to need.
Thank you to be mixed to the visit of above content very much read! This information is the introduction that builds earlier design about sewage pumping station, if you still want to have farther knowledge to this problem, or want to buy this relevant product, contact personnel of my company customer service directly please, my company returns production to suck pump oneself, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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