Supplier of JYWQ blowdown pump teachs you to detect blowdown pump breakdown

2023-09-11 08:26:58

Model of JYWQ blowdown pump is varied, but the product that is which kinds of model without giving thought to, they can encounter a few trouble in the hard to avoid in use process, how should detect after all so the breakdown of blowdown pump? This problem makes supplier of JYWQ blowdown pump will explain for everybody good.

How to detect in understanding before breakdown, everybody needs pair of JYWQ blowdown pump to move normally have a basic knowledge. In daily moving process, the pump effect of JYWQ blowdown pump, sunken degree and the parameter such as electric current should maintain inside a normal limits, and won’t produce bigger numeric wave motion suddenly.

But if encounter lever accusing oil is broken, the pump effect of JYWQ blowdown pump can be in of very short time inside drop substantially like switchback. In the meantime, the electric current of blowdown pump can drop gradually, as opposite as this is, the face that use liquid can rise quickly. Although will look from torque value, the working parameter of JYWQ blowdown pump is in normal limits, but if you see axial strength carefully, the numerical value with can discover it can be compared normal is a few lower, supplier of pump of this JYWQ blowdown hopes everybody can know fairly well.

If if encounter JYWQ blowdown pump leaks,be broken, breaking those who differ with lever accusing oil is, its pump effect is slow those who drop, is not fall suddenly. The torque value that still having a clear distinction is blowdown pump is met under normal limits, the index of other is a little similar.

If discover torque value and axial force two index double tall, and if the side that use liquid is very dark, the pump effect that everybody is about to consider is JYWQ blowdown pump is too small. Same, if on the low side of index of these two parameter, and the face that use liquid is very shallow, so probable the pump effect that is JYWQ blowdown pump is exorbitant, these are the places that can have adjustment.

Anyhow, if you are right the choice of model of JYWQ blowdown pump, perhaps use have what doubt, the welcome comes round to enquire. We are suppliers of professional JYWQ blowdown pump, can offer close and detailed solution for you.

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