The choice of means of fire pump self check

2023-09-21 08:50:40

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the fire pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need fire pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of fire pump model, fire pump, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is the knowledge about means of fire pump self check:

Main component is fire pump vertical fire pump and horizontal fire pump, carrying liquid discharge is one of main function data of fire pump type selecting, carries what liquid discharge matters to whole apparatus directly productivity.
The self check means of 1. fire pump
Self check means is fastened for fire control water supply in allFire pumpdetect daily provided a kind of means. In fire pump self check, the rustily check that can avoid fire pump not only is dead, still can be opposite electric machinery overload, short circuit, press too, be short of photograph, owe pressure, overheat make call the police. The self check of fire pump to raising can yet be regarded as of level of management a kind of technology progresses.
In means of self check of 2 kinds of fire pump, all can reflect those who give self check offset to prevent pump to defend action, but kind of low speed self check moved fire pump to start a medium primary level only, cannot mirror an operating mode that fire pump will run actually henceforth completely. In addition, after the result feedback of fire pump self check controls a center to fire control, need makes farther judgement artificially. Means of self check of reason fire pump cannot replace what artificial offset prevents pump completely to defend management.
The analysis of means of 2. self check
Constant means of fast self check is inside proper time imitate the operating condition of fire control water supply. What its detect is fire pump is started, the whole process that runs normally. And need to improve on pipeline design. More important is the breakdown of electromagnetism a powerful person that should prevent bypass pipe road to go up, must accomplish open when self check, after self check is finished shut in time.
Means of fast self check does not need low fire pump to be made to the pipeline of fire pump alter, but what its detect is fire pump only a phase in normal operating mode. Fire pump can be divided to be started directly and be started secondhand, the need with greater power is started secondhand. And start step-down of △ having Y/ secondhand, start from Ou step-down, soft starter is started wait for means. Move in fire pump in, soft starter is started is the level of an early days that fire pump runs only, just be normal ever since move. Frequency conversion method also fails to run labour frequency level. But to preventing fire pump rustily, means of low speed self check still has certain effect. Relative to character, it has the characteristic that low power comsumption of roll of low frequency drive, low speed, equipment runs.
The comparison of means of 3. self check
In means of fire pump self check, constant means of fast self check and means of low speed self check all are in the maintenance of fire pump the function with rose particular. Look from the point of view that defends management, they can be fastened in fire control water supply apply in all. Relative to character, constant means of fast self check can mirror the operating conditions with an actual fire pump. Look from the angle of reason of fire pump breakdown, the trouble that fire pump need not cause for a long time basically is the occlusive problem of pump aircrew axis.
Electric machinery starts not complete operating mode issue less, reason emphasizes fire pump overly of complete operating mode move, its meaning is not very big. Constant means of fast self check applies to fire pump to defend the case with bibulous cistern from disappear, reasonable consideration pipeline answers in the design decorate.
Put in particular problem in move, can cause very quickly super- pressure, applying in the project is not very appropriate. And constant means of fast self check and means of low speed self check have its characteristic each. Although means of low speed self check is right of fire pump move detect operating mode is not complete, but do not have special requirement to the design of fire pump pipeline, the technology that basically can apply to fire pump self check asks. It relatively apply to fire pump direct from the circumstance with municipal canal bibulous net.
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