Why do common electric machinery and frequency conversion electric machinery have conduit pump form a complete set to distinguish?

2023-10-11 08:40:51

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, the conduit pump that my company is a major produces manufacturer. When you need conduit pump type selecting, we will provide the before-sales service such as price of pump of conduit pump model, conduit, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is about conduit pump form a complete set common electric machinery and frequency conversion electric machinery have the knowledge that why distinguishs:

Conduit pump is very commonly used transportation equipment, Conduit pumpelectric machinery of form a complete set is very important composition part, very much also to the type of electric machinery, 2 class, 4 class, 6 class, 8 class. Common model, explosion proof, frequency conversion wait, below what condition to need to use frequency conversion electric machinery so? Are common electric machinery and distinction of frequency conversion electric machinery in which?
Distinguish from the design above all
One, structural design: When the structure is designed, also basically be to should consider to be not character of sine power source the influence of the respect such as means of refrigeration of the insulation system of electric machinery, oscillatory to frequency conversion, noise.
1, insulation grade demand is higher: The insulation grade of electric machinery of general frequency conversion is F class or taller, enhance right insulation and turn insulation strength, should consider to be isolated from particularly impulse withstand the ability of voltage.
2, safeguard asks to differ: Exceed electromotor of 160KW frequency conversion to should adopt bearing insulation measure to the capacity. Basically be asymmetry of easy generation magnetic circuit, also can produce axial electricity, when the voltaic tie that produces when place of other and high frequency heft acts well, axial electric current will increase greatly, cause bearing damage thereby, want to take insulation step commonly so. To electromotor of constant power frequency conversion, when rotate speed exceeds 3000/min, should use high temperature resistant special grease, lift in order to compensate the temperature of bearing.
3, medicinal powder hot system is different: Frequency conversion electric machinery comes loose sirocco fan uses power supply of independent power source, assure to last medicinal powder heat energy force.
4, demand of the vibration of frequency conversion electric machinery, noise is higher: Frequency conversion electric machinery wants mature electrically operated mechanism the tigidity that reachs whole, endeavor to increase its natural frequency, produce resonance phenomenon in order to keep away from with each force wave.
5, kind of refrigeration of frequency conversion electric machinery is different: Frequency conversion electric machinery is used commonly force ventilated refrigeration,
2, electromagnetism design
To common asynchronous electromotor, the performance data that when be being designed again, basically considers is the overload ability, function that start, efficiency and power factor. And frequency conversion electromotor, as a result of critical turn poor rate inverse ratio at power source frequency, can be in critical turn poor rate is adjacent 1 when start directly, accordingly, overload ability and the function that start does not cross much consideration in need, and the crucial problem that should solve is how to improve electromotor to be opposite the suiting that is not sine wave power source ability. Common asynchronous electromotor is designed by constant frequency constant voltage, get used to the requirement of frequency control completely impossibly. Install transducer to use to common electric machinery forcibly, can bring a lot of corrupt practice, it is the transducer influence to electric machinery below.
3, harmonic electromagnetism noise and shake
When common asynchronous electromotor uses transducer power supply, can make by electromagnetism, mechanical, ventilated those who wait for what element place causes to shake to change with noise is more complex. The inherent space harmonic of the each time harmonic that contains in frequency conversion power source and electromotor electromagnetism part is interfered each other, form all sorts of electromagnetism to stimulate brace up force. When the inherent and oscillatory frequency of the frequency when electromagnetism force wave and electromotor airframe agrees or be close to, generation resonance phenomenon, increase noise thereby. Because range of electromotor job frequency is wide, rotate speed span is big, the frequency of all sorts of electromagnetism force wave keeps away from very hard of each component of electromotor inherent shake frequency.
4, the insulation intensity of electromotor
At present medium or small transducer, many it is the control means that uses PWM. His carrier wave frequency is about thousands of to ten conspicuous, this makes electromotor stator winding should bear very tall voltage rises rate, be equivalent to bringing to bear on to electromotor the concussion voltage with very big gradient, make of electromotor v/LIT all over the ground insulation bears relatively ordeal. Additional, the rectangular behead wave that generates by PWM transducer pounds voltage overlay to run voltage to go up in electromotor, can right to electromotor insulation constitutes menace, right insulation pounds next meetings to quicken ageing in high-pressured iteration.
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