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XBD-G-WHY horizontal constant pressure fire pump

XBD-G-WHY horizontal constant pressure fire pump is a newly developed and produced energy-saving series product. Its performance parameters and technical indicators meet the relevant standards. It has high efficiency, low operating noise, good anti-cavitation performance, reasonable structure, and long service life. .The matching power range is 2.2~180kW. The caliber range is medium 50~150mm. It is mainly used for pressurized water supply in fire protection systems, and can also be used in water supply and drainage of factories and mines, pressurized water supply for high-rise buildings, long-distance water supply, heating, bathrooms, cold and warm water cycle pressurization for tin furnaces, water supply for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, and equipment matching.

XBD-G-WHY horizontal constant pressure fire pump

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All-copper coil motor to prevent collision protection during production and circulation Stator coil New double-layer coil motor, improved and upgraded more stable, durable, longer service life Greater power, higher lift, more applicable scenarios, high efficiency and time-consuming Less, more energy-saving Built-in overload protection, but phase protection does not burn the machine; long service life of bearings, low noise and energy saving.

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