Long shaft deep well pump

XBD-GJ-HRZL Long axis deep well fire pump set

The XBD/GJ-HRZL axial flow deep well fire pump produced by our company (long axis deep well fire pump, vertical axial flow deep well fire pump, diesel engine deep well long axis fire pump) is based on the original LC or OJ vertical long axis pump The optimized design of the axial flow deep well fire pump is especially suitable for the fire water supply to workshops of industrial and mining enterprises.

XBD-GJ-HRZL Long axis deep well fire pump set

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The motor drives the impeller working under the liquid to rotate through the shaft. After the fluid obtains energy through the impeller, it changes direction through the space guide vane, rises vertically along the flow path between the inner and outer pipes, and flows out horizontally through the outlet elbow. The pump is composed of two parts, the central rotating body and the pump body. The rotating part is composed of impeller, shaft, sleeve type rigid coupling (coupling and coupling sleeve), bearing, coupling, etc. The part of the pump body is composed of filter screen, space guide vane, outer tube, inner pipe, rubber bearing frame, base, water outlet elbow, bearing body, motor base, etc.

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