ZW suck pump to overhaul basic note oneself

2023-10-13 08:53:29

The welcome visits Shandong Hairui Zhonglian Pump Industry Co. , ltd. Website, attract pump manufacturer my company is a major oneself. When you need to suck pump type selecting oneself, we will be offerred attract pump type oneself, wait for before-sales service from price suction pump, in order to offer your referenced alternative. This product information is about the ZW knowledge that sucks pump to overhaul basic note oneself:

1. checks mechanical and sealed model, norms
1) examines mechanical and sealed cell all ready nondestructive.
The seal face that 2) examination changes annulus, static annulus is whole.
3) is being assembled, when installation, move end panel of annulus, static annulus to cannot be damaged.
The surface of 2. examination axis, axle sleeve, surface inside sealed body wall, end cover has been installed
What must when the pump after is machinery sealed moves, 3. outfit notice very much?
The ZW before 1) moves is not had jamSuck pump oneselfMedium be feedinged should is full of inside.
System of 2) cooling water is expedite.
There is slight leak after 3) is started, and it is normal that drop off is.
4) leak needs examination stopping pump badly.
5) stops pump first, stop an oil, cooling water again.
What should notice before is pump being started after is 4. machinery sealed?
1) examination is mechanical and sealed whether had installed.
Cop of 2) examination craft is in good condition.
3) is sealed to machinery undertake static approach an experiment. Check whether leak.
4) leak needs strip inspection badly, assemble afresh.
5) is static control proof pressure but with pump outlet pressure comparatives.
6) turning, see roll agile.
A:appellant settlement the method of the problem is a few basiccer methods, ZW without jam if appeared,suck pump oneself the word of a few small issues, it is OK oneself undertake the overhaul, but if the problem is too serious,still be to look for manufacturer to undertake maintaining very relatively.
Thank you to be mixed to the visit of above content very much read! This information is about the ZW introduction that sucks pump to overhaul basic note oneself, if you still want to have farther knowledge to this problem, or want to buy this relevant product, contact personnel of my company customer service directly please, my company still produces fire pump, welcome you at any time seek advice.

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